Friday, October 03, 2008

OK new lap top, it’s great!

I know what your gonna say...Hay man, thats no lap top, it's a jar full of Alkaseltzer and dish soap.
You would be correct, I was having fun with the stuff, testing the photo options.
I don’t know exactly how to use all the buttons but I had to do something…I had no blog or email.
Not bad, I payed $40 for the lap top and $100 to get them to make it recognise the internet, now I can blog a lot more.
I’m in Muddy Waters Café doing the morning after thing, had a wonderful night here last night.
The crowd was kind, they were entertaining, philosophical and funny.
I worked with the people who were at hand, we created a show out of the blue and off the cuff.
That’s usually not my style but I had to, after working with the kids I do stuff with on Last Thursdays I found it almost impossible to do scripted comedy, so I’m writing for cats again.
“Writing for cats” is my way of saying I have to write around what the group is already going to do so I don’t have to expect them to learn a script.
The Open mic on 25th is getting better and better all the time, I'm also still hosting open mics at the Apothicary on Hawthorne street most Fridays.
I'm still embroiled in an amazing romance with "O", we have been dating all over town, taking long baths and making love like titans.
We have been taking great care of each other,We are so much alike; I feel like I have become a two headed snake...only it's really two snakes and they are mating, molting and eating all at once.
I love seeing someone who is excited to see me every time we meet.
I may be working with Ezza and Kelly the belly...dancer very soon, I'm also trying to get a big baby puppet built.
I gotta wish Nathan B. a happy recovery, I don't know why he was in hospital and I don't have his number, hope he is ok.

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