Tuesday, October 14, 2008


OK this is a wild night for the old Flying Flop House,
I have had many changes in location, I call it “Sailing into and out of, the deep water”.
I’m always looking for the next score, the next payday or show biz opportunity.
Once, a few Januarys ago, I walked by a very pissed off Miss.Claire (of the Big Bang Circus), she was mad because Portland was frozen solid and she couldn’t see any way to make the “daily bread”.
It was morning and this lady was complaining and pitching negative mind mantras for the day.
M.C. usually needs a crowd to make her living but nothing was moving.
Everyone was in their houses keeping warm, that gave me a golden idea-
As I walked out the door I picked up a dumpstered, plastic boat oar and bounded off into the neighborhood.
I walked door to door (leaving the oar by the curb) and asking an uncommon question for Portland OR.
“Hi I’m Dingo the Clown, wood you like your sidewalk cleared for five bucks?”
I made it $5 to entice them to have me do more work for them, dig it?
Now, my back is really strong and with the boat oar, I could clear the way in less time than it takes and old person to take a dump, I scooted right through that stuff like a berzerker!
In less than 45 min . I had about $50 and I had only gone two blocks!
They almost always paid better than $5 and I got to know my neighbors (Community building is my hobby) I made new friends!
I came back, showed the lady a wad of uncounted cash, she smiled, and we both went out.
In five or so blocks, I ended up with $80 all told and showed my friend that the streets are indeed paved with gold.
As we walked home, the sun came out and by the time we got to the Clown House, Portland was un-stuck, by lunch time it was all gone but some ice.
It all came together rather quickly, it’s not always that smooth but you get the idea.
Money, Clothing, Food, Friends, Influence and even Peace can be found anywhere if you look hard enough, by this point it’s just a function of my body to seek this out.
PRAY, PLAN, WORK, all three are important and must work in concert.
This is how I have always lived, from one side of the country to the other, I have flown through good times and bad, awesome and ugly, living by my wits and chasing the flocks, hunting when I have to and trying to remember to “Take time to Stop and eat the Roses”.
Sometimes it’s hard, long ago I took an oath to never Lie, Cheat or Steal, I have kept that vow a long time and it serves me well.
I would be a wealthy but unhappy clown if I resorted to those tactics the quality of life is much greater being honest.
I just have to hustle more.***

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