Saturday, October 04, 2008


I have been parking my house bike in a drive way every few weeks in a spot that was littered with spilled pinto beans.
They tell me it was a giant 50 lb bag of beans, rather than pick it all up, they spred it all around that section.
It made a fun driveway until the rains hit this weekend.
See the beans did what beans do when wet, bloat and stink.
They were awful, I was slipping around like a moron trying to get my house out yesterday.
I moved my house because it's my weekend, no kids, no gigs till next week, I can fly out to where it's quiet and theres no crowd.
I like laying down my trailor in places my partner "O" likes, fun romantic locations where we can be loud.
We spent part of a night at my place watching Labyrinth and making love, then went on a long adventure walking the streets of Portland in the late night.
Last night I went and got her from work, we went downtown to that big fountain across from an auditorium with all the waterfalls and big stone squares, someone had dumped a bunch of detergent in the huge fountain and as we came to the edge we beheld a HUGE cloud of suds at the bottom.
It was raining a little and we shared the expierience of stone, falling water, night rain and Portland itself together,
I dipped my bike in the suds and we held eachothers hands in the moon.
Lots of other people were out and they also found the suds fun, it was too cool to see so many straingers frolicing together.
We took a bus to her house.
Today is her birthday and she went out to the outlands to celebrate it with her family, she can't exactly tell the parents that she is now in an amazing romance with a clown king who lives in a box by the road and is as old as they are.
It's the first heart break, not being part of another family, they will maybe come around...if they love her.
She is going to be accomplishing lots of things and I want to be there with her.
Tonight Im having dinner with Magnus in North Portland and then I thnink I need to try and check on Nathan B.
I got a bike to ride thats not a tall bike just to get around, it's been fun.
I am going to repark my house in the bean driveway tonight, I think that since "O" has a stack of photos of us enjoying eachother and my children, there may be a good chance she will be spilling the beans (about us) at the same time I'm spilling the beans (all over my house bike).
Pray for me ok?

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