Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Last Thursday

We had a meeting last night, the new gang and I that is, we decided we kind of sucked last Thursday.
Well, during the day we were victims of our own chaos, there were so many people in the street that we couldn't freely ride the tall bikes and do our tricks and such.
We rocked when it counted, let me tell ya, our job was to clear the streets at 10 pm, last month we did it in around 16 min, this month we did it in 10, that means we made $200 in 10 min!
The gang is happy and they have skills building every day, "O" was there as a clown on foot, she stayed right with me most of the time and was excellent support by running along side moving barricades, at the end, she declined any share of the money (*)(*)!
Next month we are gonna really be ready, street clearing time will be a watergun/cannon/fire fest, I'm hoping to clear the streets in 5 min.
One skater kid rolled up to me and said, I guess Dingo the Clown sold out to the cops huh?"
He skated away too fast for me to hit him with my palm across the head and call him a ninny!

I just had time to tell him, "That was a stupid thing to say", I was gonna throw a fumble spell at him to make him eat it on his skate board but I was distracted in traffic.
I hope people understand the goals here, Trimet has people all over waiting for busses, we need that open as soon as we can FOR THEM, the street clear is really important for us to keep the festivals going.
The Lord, the captain of the guard and the fool work together to keep it going.
I also think it should be said that personally...I have never had a bad run in with a Portland Police officer, there I said it.
People expect me to hate the cops, thats stupid, people are people, a holes are a holes, the Lieutenant I work with on Alberta street is a sweet man who has yelled at me before during the old Clown House days but now we have known each other for a long time and are cool with each other.
My grand father was a homicide detective and had a long career in San Antonio Texas.
So it's our job to do traffic clowning, pORTLAND is cool enough a city that we were allowed to evolve the state of the art (F.U. Eugene OR.)
Our tall bikes really can clear a street and they are cheaper than police horses, the people respect us and we move FAST.

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