Friday, September 19, 2008

hooked up!

OOOH, woke up at dark O clock in the morning doing some crack-adawn clowning.
See I get jobs doing all sorts of things, this morn, I'm standing outside a Starbucks
handing out $5 and $10 free drink cards.
Some folks don't want to be bothered with anything, others question who I am, a few get hooked up!
I have stickers too.
Last night's open mic was really smart...and stupid...and crowded, I made good cash as I get %15 of the till total.
I researched and found that both sober clowns and sober pirates have done well in the last millenia.
I relate to the folk who not only live between the cracks of society, but thrive.
One of the baristas at Muddy Waters coffee house recently got dumped by his wife, and for another fella no less.
I think he got lucky, the gate dropped and now he can go out and be appreciated...or mercy killed whatever comes first.
Relating isn't so hard, M.S. came to visit my show last night, we clearly still love eachother, it's still not easy, I had to just suck it up
and continue to be the funny guy.
My girlfriend "O" had to work last night or I would have cried on her shoulder...well to be honest, she can make me forget anything.

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