Monday, August 11, 2008

Swell time in Longbeach Washington

Felt good to work in a tent again!

I'm back in my home turf!
I was feeling a bit crummy sitting in my house bike last week, for the first time, I felt like it was really small, I felt an unpleasant form of alone.
Now I'm just back from Long Beach and I'm in my pad.
BOY is it good to be home, good to see my house bike, comfy and quiet.
Not to say I didn't like all the wide open spaces of Long Beach Washington.
I had a blast and made some new fans to boot!

first off we had to get all the stuff together.
Uncle Jay and his son Danger have been part of the Clown House for years, he began taking his son over instead of dealing with the jock dads of little league.
My big bike was stored at Alabama Joe"s place in South East.
We went to North Portland to load more and somehow, Stumps the Clown was there busking for booze, we played a few numbers on the street.

We got to Long Beach at night so I didn't know what the surroundings looked like till morning.
We had gone to Uncle Jay's Beach house just a few miles from the gig, when we woke I was surprised to see we were living in a Hobbit house, with rolling hills that eventually meandered to the Pacific Ocean.

The phone was was the color,but we didn't care.

The place was cute, if I had time to find a date she would have been soooooo pregnant...with fun.

When we got on the scene I was a little worried about the turn out, there was only one fan and she was there for the burlesque show.

Heres who hired me...

I couldn't take photos during my act...because I was busy...

I did take this pic while working...

Of course the crowd did show up, the freakshow had started!

old friend and new friend, waiting to go ON.

I love the restraint of the local cops. They just looked on as the Portland folks raged, got nekkid, played in traffic, I'm so grateful that this fella didn't tackle me many times that he maybe should have, thanks!

So I was waving this balloon lasso over some heads, hoping a date would nibble.Being single is great when you are the out of town clown.  ..A voice in the crowd asked "What are you looking to catch?"
..."A date if I'm lucky..."
I went round a corner just in time to hear...
"I got titties"

I poked my head around...saw the biggest guy in the field, he was smiling at me.

"Did you say what I think you said?"
"Yes I did, wanna see?"
"Yes I do."

He showed me he could indeed lick his own nipple.

I am impressed as hell, not just the human oddity, he is funny too.
I quickly found his fun hole...and a new friend, Jayson!

The show went well and we went back to the beach house eventually, but before we got out of town I went into a corn dog hut and spied two wonderful and cute, ladies that I didn't recognize.
One was Lisa and the other was May and they looked deliciously identical to each other.
I found out by asking that it was May that told Jake the alligator man, to hire me.
I was so grateful I wanted the two of them to take me home and wear me like a shirt, I guess thats what I would have been thinking about anyway.
Wish I had a photo of us all, they do.
When we got to the beach house my chore was dog wrangling, it was a good chore.

I rode home in the back with the dog

and watched "The comedians of comedy" a video by Patton Ozwalt on a little device and I also pretended to be a dog when cops followed because humans aren't allowed in the back of trucks anymore
See them next year I hope, if you want all the story, ask me, this is just a quickie post-a-roo.


Jake Aligator said...

You Were GREAT!!! made my party a smashing success. Thank Your new friends in L.B. Del, Wendy & Jake

Anonymous said...

Dingo: Long Beach loves you, the dancing girls love you, Wendy and Del love you, I love you, and best of all that scaly little sucker Jake loves you. It would not have been much without you. Gayle