Sunday, August 03, 2008

Goodbye Broadzilla, Goodbye Rocket M.

Broadzilla snapped after I did a stunt, I'm still surprized I survived that unscathed.
The bike hasn't seen that much damage since the night drunk Thomas got hold of it.
I'm glad it broke while working in the line of duty.
Also Rocket Montana is leaving Portland all pissed off that she didn't have as much fun as last year.
I told her by next year I will have the Alberta Clown House rocking and for her not to lose touch.
Toaster is fixing the bike, he built it, it may take some time to see Rocket and Broadzilla but they both are important in the life of this clown.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dingo! its raining in nola right now. i didnt sleep all last night, always on the verge but never made it. its 8.39am. today im taking violin lessons with a friend. i think me and my boyfriend broke up. but well see, right. i got a dog, she is so sweet, i named her Honky Dog. hahahaha. anyways, keep in touch. love rocket.