Friday, August 01, 2008

going medeval on Alberta

New gang!here is Clan-Destiney, I dont know how to spell it, but they are top notch bike rodeo clowns!
I look like crap in the photo because the kid who took the photo was ugly and short...really.

Ok so I have patrons, professional Fools have patrons, it's been that way since before the dark ages.
Baffoons do it for free, free don't pay the bills plus they don't need to do it very well, so I occupy the former.
One of my patrons fulfills an age old arrangement, the Lord and the Fool, on Last Thursday, add the Captain of the Guard, here played by a nice Lieutenant from the Portland Police Department.
None should get along with each other but on one night a month a truce is called and that one part of Portland IS the City that works.
My patron is called Magnus and he has done an amazing job of reclaiming Last Thursday from ruin and bringing normal folks back into the fold.
He helps me earn my living with dignity believe it or not, I care about that stuff.
As you may know, I'm no "yes man", I'm a charging bull most of the time and not easy for a dude in a tie to negotiate with but I found myself in a meeting with him agreeing fully with what he had to say.
It helped that we were counting cash, reciepts from shirt sales, buttons, donations, all from the public and for use getting another Clown House.
One donor dropped us $500!
I'm not to touch the money in the new house, it's not my strong point, a perfect trustworthy bean counter will be on the board with me.
When it comes down to it, Magnus has stood the test of time.
He started working on Alberta street in the 70s and worked his way up.
Last night, my crack-commando squad of tall bikers:
Jess Dizmal
Kirtch Dizmalzarzian
Twitch and I
We made good money, had a wonderful time and ate well, being clowns and keeping people out of each other's way.
Some folks showed up late, and there was no money for them, I had so much trouble with flakes I had to set it up like that, it hurts to do that and I was glad a couple of tall bike fellas helped out for a bit.
I hope king Sam looks favorably upon us, it's working, and it's up to him, the direction the street takes.
Last night I broke Broadzilla (the 10 feeter)I did a wheely and the fork snapped sending this clown to the ground in a crowd, lucky my training kicked in and I rolled out and stood up like I meant to do it.
I think I like the medeval arrangement with Lord Magnus, I'm going out today to pick out a house!
Wish me luck!!!!!

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