Thursday, August 14, 2008

Been on Dekum

I have been on NE Dekum and MLK babysitting N's house, met his son J.
The first I saw of J, was his unflushed turds when I came in, he was a little dashed to wake up and find that his dad had deployed a clown in the house without telling him.
I had a BBQ last night, I ended up narrowly avoiding a fight with the local aggressive beggar, he pissed me off and he didn't know who he was dealing with.
He was kind of saved by a film crew that was interviewing me.
I was giving it to the guy, yelling and stuff when I looked around and the film crew had stopped smoking and were taping me.
I never had an argument with a boom mic present before, hope they use it.
Yesterday, I took good care of my kids and N's dogs but failed to rescue the broken tall bike Broadzilla or write the script that the two drummers and some dancers are waiting for.
Maybe I can work it out tonight at the Muddy Waters Open Mic I'm hosting.
The dogs and I elected a leader and it turned out I'm president until the dad comes home from Somegaddamnplaceistan W.V.
The male dog is superintendent meat head and the girl dog is prime minister of toes.
I have had my hands on the dogs so much, I may get sick from not washing my hands enough before eating.
Quess what?
It's my birthday today!
I'm, at 29 I wouldn't have thought I would make it this far, turns out I did.
I made it this far and I'm lucky to be friends with the mom of my kids, friends with my kids, I'm virile as a stallion , bike house living has my senses sharp, muscles tighter than ever and now as of last Tue. I'm wart free.
The hottest doctor I ever saw in my life patiently took a cup of liquid nitrogen and slowly burned the warts off me, I'm not talking little shits, my warts were huge!
Now they are grotesque looking and falling apart, it was a birthday present to myself.
I kept them so long because I was using them to keep people away, I thought, only the ones who really love me would stick around if I had a nasty deformation, now there is enough real love in my life that I don't need the fence fact, look who I got to cuddle with all night on a wonderful porch sofa...

It was just uncomfortable enough for us to keep waking up and noticing that we once again in each others arms.
It was a great way to wake up on my birthday.
Now it's on to Open Mic tonight!
There is a film crew doing a profile on me so they will be there, I hear Ringmaster Noah will be sending some of his high class circus workers my way, hope so.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dingo!!!!
Knock em' within an inch a their life
An then give em' a few inches more!

yer pal,
bobby p