Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Ok so sometimes I get treated nice by folks for a bit and get all comfortable and then I get slapped with the sad truth that I am still a pariah of sorts.
I was having a nice time at the Feral Punk House, trying to be helpful and useful when i was offended and left quick.

I don't want to say much about it, in fact I'm over it, just gonna give the "EX" some space.
I went to Speed Boat coffee shop and they all treated me really nice so I'm over it.
All three ladies who work there are super hot, interesting, desirable, in different ways, I was pissed off to find out they were all married...and not the kind of married that keeps a clown behind glass.
I walked in upset but after hearing George Jones singing Iggy Pop's "Lust For Life" and getting an impromptu stand up audition from Lorraine the Barista, I feel way better.
She should do stand up comedy, she's really funny.
I had a dream that I had coffee with a really hot girl who lives at the Feral Punk House, I told her about it and now we will have coffee soon.
I went to Belmont where there is a giant condo being built, it was grim.
At first it looked abandoned and I quickly set up shop with my house's ass in the wind.s
Soon people started walking by and looking at me like I was made of molded badger skat.
I picked up and went a couple of clicks down to Movie Madness Move rentals and got myself a card.
I rented two Iron Maiden concerts for two bucks!
In the early 90s I would never have thought that I could rent an Iron Maiden video and for only two bucks Amarican?
Nathan found me an hour or two later set up by Zupan's, they were cool with me parking out there but the stuff they sell is EXPENSIVE!
Nathan and I went over to Caffeine's house to get my little DVD player, we also took lots of photos and had a nice time oggling the ladies and cracking wise.

I was thinking about hypnisis, I had to hypnotize my two year old son into falling asleep the other night, my back was hurting.
I took "Hypnosis" from the same tool box that has "soothing words", "Easy hands" and of course "Sleep".
It's funny that he is two years old, his mom and I own his Freewill for now, thus we can use psyonic tools that are off limits to adults or anything with it's own freewill.
I know in times when I had the pleasure of leading men and women, I could have at any time used a combination of Charisma, Precident, Religion, and Hypnisis to get what I wanted. but who wants to lead a crew like that?
I used to in the late 90s, it sucked and it's a hell of a lot of work, I would rather have a crew that loves me and wants to be patiant and make a lot of money.
It's still really happy to have a keen hypnosis skill...for fun and self defense only.
When I'm making love, I sometimes can't help getting into the hypnisis mode.
(T.M.I. warning!!!)

When I get my hollar on, it's gonna go one to three ways:

1. Primal: Getting the beast within to come out, the one thats related to all vertabrates, all our memories combined.
Primal love is a lot of screaming, clawing and eventually some pretty bad bites.
This kind of screwery is the most common, perfect for getting intentionally pregnant, money spells, awearness spells and of course blowing your partner's sweaty, heaving mind.
2. Lustful: it's not my favorite, it robs me of chi, fun when drunk but I havn't drank in years.
Lust is the lady who's husband isn't touching her, it's unconnected and almost sex work.
3. Practical sex magic:
Both are working on the same spells, both should be reasonably intelligent, I really can't relay much about when I do this because it's always secret.
I will tell you that this kind of sex is awful to perform with "touched" , "drugged" or "light minded" partners (refer to #2) or you may hear "Tee Hee whats that shit yer wisperin in my ear? knock it off asshole hee hee" (sorry Sprout).
I hypnotize myself all the time when going through painful self surgeries or laying in broken glass.
I really want to eventually be able to pass through walls and then astral project across the country, maybe next year.

When I was a young wizard I was obsessed with telekinetic psyonic abilities, I spent hours trying to bend spoons with my mind and set fires with my steely gaze, eventually I got some matches and started a wonderful career as a vandal.
I told my friend Jade that I had to mess up Minneapolis and Dallas to get my attitude good enough to live in Portland.
And that's the story of the Rubber Chicken, Gentrification Jesus.