Sunday, July 06, 2008

OK so "house sitting" is a little odd,

-see I don't like digging in people's stuff.
I couldn't find the cat food and had to dig around, then I found it hidden in plain sight.
It was in a big square bucket on the floor of the kitchen, I didn't know cat food came in 5 gallon, square buckets.
The kids upstairs party all day and night, I'm cool with them but I don't drink so I keep to myself a little.

I'm itching to live back on the streets but it's still really nice to be near the bike fleet, watch tv, sleep in the quiet dark of a basement and be unseen for as long as I want but the outside living is huge, there are no boundries.
I loaded my bike up with fireworks last Friday and tore ass around, I ended up getting to my kids house at dark and just as the back wheel was falling off the Behemoth.
I rode that tall bike hard this week, I have been for months, now both the Behemoth and Broadzilla have lost so many spokes they WILL fold soon.

The wheel almost collapsed on friday and I was afraid that I would have a bloody, massive wreck in the dark with nobody around to clap.
So ya got a couple of 26" mountain bike, back rims w tires?

I can trade money or whatever, I'm kind of far from Meticon Bike Shop this morning.
Meticon is the bike shop that has treated me best this year, they are at Foster and Boise SE, they are still small enough to need my buissnes, theres no clique operating and the prices are fair, thing is, they have limited hours and the last few times I went down there, they were closed.

Here Seth expertly jacks up my house for the spoke fixer.

I'm in a cafe, my hair is long and in my face, I came in on a tall bike, I wasn't charged for my coffee drink and as soon as I sat down six people came to talk to me and then left, It looked sketchy, I'm not but I look it.
Y'know how I know?
Theres an off duty cop in the room with me, I recognize him because I have lived in Portland for 13 years and I got to know a lot of the cops faces when Portland was a battle zone Bush Senior called "Little Berut" I would call this guy a "homecop" he is cool, he is just deciding if I'm cool.
He lives in this neighborhood, I consider everyone suspect too so I don't blame him.
I know what he is doing because my grandfather was a homicide detective in San Antonio Texas, as a kid I used to enter restraunts from the back door, sit in the front and never be charged for anything.
He showed me how to size up the good the bad and the ugly, this cop is just looking out for his people.
OK now he knows who I am, he waved.
I would go say hi but I may smell like pot.

My goals for today are:
Give this house (and it's cat back to it's owner.
Fix some bikes, sell my IPOD, drink lots of water.
Find a gal with a bunch of hair like me that wants to roll around for a spell.
Wish me luck!

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