Wednesday, July 23, 2008

lovers, what a funny word

Saturday, I'm having coffee with my friend/lover Axle Grease, you may remember her character as "The Harpy" a blue, naked monster that I battle on stage for the prize of a good booby painting.
This post is about romance
A.G. dropped into my house bike last night around 3 am, she called, then walked into my house like she owned it, seconds later we were both snoring.
We woke up early and found my pad a bit cramped, I gotta stop buying stuff, or at least I should get rid of stuff just as fast.
She is doing reviews of local telephone booths, they are becoming obsolete and she wants them to have more purposes.
It's a noble cause, I'm behind her all the way, it's not like I'm doing anything useful.
She claims that cell phones are taking away the great American icon of the phone booth, ahhh progress.
To Axle Grease, they are Jungle-gym toys, gardening platforms and an oasis of black market commerce.
They are landmarks, she perches on them like a bird and she enjoys the perspective.
They are also great for obtaining butt-purchase while shagging your lover in the street.
She wants you to throw a potted plant or two on the nearest phone booth, water it, talk to it, enjoy it, and after all piss off Quest because she wants them to leave the planet.
We are both wearing orange today.
They are treating me like a rock star at this cafe, I wish we wern't preaching to the converted, this gal is already crazy about me.
We are both kind of looking for other people to hold down some permanent loving, for now it's fun.
I'm all about a specialized girlfriend, A stand up warrior who comes with a weapon (maybe a spear), an expert craftswoman and healer, a magic user who can hop fences, roll in the dirt, one who drinks but isn't a drunk.
Of course nothing is set in stone, attraction is attraction
Mrs.Dingo would of course have to be down with my kids since they have been the major deal breaker in the past.
An oracle once mentioned to me a fast moving woman with light colored hair and glasses that would be a tremendous infuence, I had been questing for such a mate for years.
 I think that one may have already come, see i seem to have this wealth of life lessons obtained from just such a person, I treasure the times we shared both good and bad, I just spent the afternoon walking, talking, having lunch and watching a movie with Meghan, we couldn't keep our hands off each other, it wasn't like nasty groping, it was loving and comforting, damn I missed her touch.
See I don't need two girls
Axle Grease likes a version of the same thing I do, just with two guys instead, she wears them like jewelery...big hairy jewelery, i just wont ever be one of them.
I have been talking to a lot of friends, I found three that like having two lovers at the same time (all women) and think it's a good idea when worked out right.
We sat around trading stories about it, the worst effect I ever had from doing that is for a time I didn't get anything done for a few days, remember I was wearing a dress for a week last August?
Some dude called me a queer not realizing that I was wearing a dress because my crotch was burned out by two amazing opposite sexians.
"Polli" people are kind of flirting with disaster all the time, I don't know how they do it, so many rules, I'm not a swinger so much.
Long term, I'm more wanting a mutual admiration society, a friend.
This friend of A.G. wants to meet me, he has been with her and wants to meet her other lovers, it,s strainge but I can relate, he wants to see who else he is kissing I bet.
To tell the truth I don't kiss AG much, body fluids are for saving for the long term mate, we are really safe, still I look forward to meeting her friend.
Sounds odd but I'm really into finding a simple path that makes everyone happy.
See where I grew up in Beerstain Texas, they were all such backward fuck-tards, the built whole institutions that championed the uniformed, bribed the feeble minded and taught bull pucky to the masses, I have spent so much time undoing all that garbage.
I know of a lot of people who cheated on spouses, got caught/left, got divorced over it, people have desires, they should be free to explore, life is short.
What I'm asking is, why not tell your spouse that you desire anothers touch? could you ask them to understand? Can you handle it your mate asked for an adventure?
Who knows? you may get some help!
If someone wanted to take me out on a date and she was already with someone, I would want her to ask her mate, right now I'm pretty sure I'm some one's punishment, I stay far out of that train wreck...when I can, could be worse.
I know a hansom fella who's girlfriend is married to a Russian man 15 years older than her, it was arranged as is the custom in that part of the world, when I talk to my friend on the street, I look at the traffic, ready to dive away if I see guns drawn, thats the real stuff!
I loved the feeling I got when she was at a cafe talking to a man she just met, and another who had been chasing her for some time as well, I walked into the room, she blew them off and they had to then watch us cuddle HAHAHA!
Why can't I ever have unconditional love with someone I want to spend long term with?My fantasy isn't set in stone, watch, your gonna see me with sombody you would never expect...or with nobody at all.
Maybe I will befriend a couple of married women who need good attention from the wheeled, clown in the box.
If I'm lucky I will be with someone I'm in love with (M.S.)but I don't hold my breath, that shit is hard.

IN other news:
My kids all fit on my tall bike!
I asked for some less dangerus employment that still works on the street and the universe dropped me a full balloon animal making kit, I have been practicing with my girl Jes Dizmal and we are makeing some headway...well I am anyway, she is still trying.
If I morph into a party clown, someone kick my ass ok?
I ran into Shay and the big NIAYH bus, he is a band guy who can carpend, we are talking about doing some gigs together, look them up, i think they will be developing into a Portland treasure like March Fourth or the Clown House.
I'm in a little cafe on 60th and Foster, the place is really nicely decorated but the counter person hates being here, she was like that last time I came in, hope she finds a better job.

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