Thursday, July 03, 2008

last night

What happens when a witch finds a wart on you?
She brings you to other witches.
I was standing on a corner waiting for a gig to start, a really amazing woman called Lacy walked by, "HI Dingo!"
She looked at me puzzled, "Why are you wearing that thick black shirt in this hot weather?"
I didn't want to mention that I was chanelling Jonny Cash so I told her the other truth, that I didn't like showing the warts I have in my arms.
She made me show her, "Awwwww Dingo, that looks painful." she took me to the Apothicary on Hawthorne street where she volenteers.
Her, the herb master and another lady made me wait while they concocted a potion made of Chapparelle and Tea Tree oil.
They also got me an internal potion that I drink a few drops of 20 min before I eat.
The warts are definatly on the run, it's about time, they have been a pain in my ass for over a year, I had them much longer than that but then I didnt care.
Lacy and I talked last night, she was checking up on me, she said there is a big pagan community that would love to meet me, I'm bringing my boy to the apothicary on Monday if you want to hang out with us, it's on Hawthorne street around 32nd.
Last night was so weird, well, a bitmore crazy than normal, it rained, Hard.
I was all the way down on Dekum street NE, I had washed dishes at the Tin Shed and I had a whole day to drag my house bike up to SE.
I eventually camped outside of Muddy Waters Coffee House, right in front of the huge bilboard with a painting of me camping outside the coffee house.
Over the next few hours I watched a miriad of crazy people walk by and talk to me.
I had some conversations with a friend Joseph from Texas, then he left when a strange woman jumped into the house bike with us.
Tha lady startled my friend and he split, the ladt soon took off too.
Then it started raining...Hard, so hard my house was a giant drum head, it was deafening.
Two woman went my screaming and laughing, I realised who they were when the lightning flashed.
Then a friend came by who just got out of the mental hospital, they have her on a lot of drugs so thats why she was hanging out with a clown, in the rain at 3:30 am.
Right before sunrise, I moved house to 30th and Stark, it's a good safe spot.

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