Friday, July 18, 2008

by Belmont

Late night at the car wash near Foster.

Adventures all around!
Last night
I parked around Angelo's on Hawthorne, it was another episode of "Wierd Portland Theatre" every few hours a new batch of Portland Wierdos aproach me and we get to explore eachothers condition.
I got a big ass soda from the 711, as I was walking out a couple of bums asked for change, I never do this but I found it in my heart to share with two drunken bums, I wouldn't do it for able- bodied bums but this fella was messed up and I had taken a cool photo of him last month from the crows nest of my tall bike.
We hung out and talked a bunch, then this couple who I always see hammered walked up, he is from here and in his 20s, she is in her 40's and is very "From France".
They started a conversation with the drunk bums, and then quickly began to attempt to back pedal out.
Soon all four were engaged in conversations that only (they) were listening to, I was standing invisable, laughing at the whole mess.
Then this kid who was sitting in his car called me over, "Wanna smoke a blunt?"
"No thanks, I really hate tobbacco, open that thing up and I'll get a pipe."
I had been watching a movie before I had company so I got my video player and sat in the car with him.
The movie was a mockumentery of two NASA exploring robots on another planet, it is RAD, I'm gonna show "Alien Planet" soon, Nathan Bennet really did a service when he got Caffeine and I both movie projectors.
After the movie we listened to some woman hating Hip Hop music on his sterio, the sounds were awsome but the lyrics were frightening, I cant imagin being a woman in a car that is playing this.
Why so much woman hate in the world? I love women...a lot, I made him play other stuff.
The bass was rattling the bejeezus out of the car, it was cool until his battery ran out and he had to call a tow truck.
A fella came by who was really animated, he is a government worker who warns me that the surveys that the government are really getting into people's personal lives way more than anyone would think, he said we should never answer phone surveys if we have anything to hide.
He was a drug dealer who was busted and let off because (he said) he was white.
I asked him how he got caught...and he told me..."Cocaine, the internet, an underaged girl, more cocaine. eeeew!
No judgment from me, I'm just a clown passing in the night, people have been telling me everything, so much personal stuff thats none of my buissness.
I fell asleep listening to Joseph Cambel stories and poetry from a cd I rented.
Lots of people have been aproaching me to do circus, I'm squeemish about it, that last show was a disaster, it became a squad of selfish, drunken pricks, why would I want to do that again?
Of course I am though, the new show is called "Clan Destiny" this time NO drunks or no talent wannabes allowed.
So far I have two woman who are hoola hoopers they are HOT!
I also have two women (from my other job) that are straight thugs...well maybe straight isn't the right word, I think they need to do some gladiator battaling for you.
Somehow the batteries in my camera have burst the little door, no more photos until I get that sorted, Nathan B. is my sort of Agent Q, he hooks me up with interesting devices I use to assault common sense or at least document everything.
Lucky I still have disks full of stuff I havn't put out yet.

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