Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hawthorne is such a crazy street to live in, I have lots of mad adventures there, last night was no different.
I had a little Iron Maiden concert in the Safeway parking lot, btcha never thought to camp in a grocery store parking lot.
I rented a concert movie and plugged my little player into a battery powered guitar amp and rocked out.
I saw Capt. Shirt and we rapped about life, the universe, and Bizzy Bawdy (maybe the hottest clown EVER).
I ran into quite a few friends and made some new ones, people that ask a lot of questions have been leaving me money, I stopped declining it, they want to feel like they are helping a good cause and it takes forever to talk them out of paying me for nothing.
Life's rewards are never very far off, they come along with the danger and make life a blast.
As you may imagin, life is happening around me way too fast to write it all down.
I shifted over to Dad mode all weekend, I got my boy riding along on my tall bike, got to kiss "Lil Ass" (on the cheek) and spent a few nights in the company of one April Danger who is recently royally screwed over by her friends.
In the end it was strangers that hooked her up with the help she needed, kind of the way it goes.
We all sat in the yard of the Feral Punk house last night and Caffeine put on Edward Scissorhands on the big screen, it was the first instalment of "Cinema Anarchista"

Here, I'm on the phone talking to Meghan S. (the saint who got me the phone)who was in Alaska.

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