Wednesday, July 23, 2008

park where the coffee is

look who got sheared!

lovers, what a funny word

Saturday, I'm having coffee with my friend/lover Axle Grease, you may remember her character as "The Harpy" a blue, naked monster that I battle on stage for the prize of a good booby painting.
This post is about romance
A.G. dropped into my house bike last night around 3 am, she called, then walked into my house like she owned it, seconds later we were both snoring.
We woke up early and found my pad a bit cramped, I gotta stop buying stuff, or at least I should get rid of stuff just as fast.
She is doing reviews of local telephone booths, they are becoming obsolete and she wants them to have more purposes.
It's a noble cause, I'm behind her all the way, it's not like I'm doing anything useful.
She claims that cell phones are taking away the great American icon of the phone booth, ahhh progress.
To Axle Grease, they are Jungle-gym toys, gardening platforms and an oasis of black market commerce.
They are landmarks, she perches on them like a bird and she enjoys the perspective.
They are also great for obtaining butt-purchase while shagging your lover in the street.
She wants you to throw a potted plant or two on the nearest phone booth, water it, talk to it, enjoy it, and after all piss off Quest because she wants them to leave the planet.
We are both wearing orange today.
They are treating me like a rock star at this cafe, I wish we wern't preaching to the converted, this gal is already crazy about me.
We are both kind of looking for other people to hold down some permanent loving, for now it's fun.
I'm all about a specialized girlfriend, A stand up warrior who comes with a weapon (maybe a spear), an expert craftswoman and healer, a magic user who can hop fences, roll in the dirt, one who drinks but isn't a drunk.
Of course nothing is set in stone, attraction is attraction
Mrs.Dingo would of course have to be down with my kids since they have been the major deal breaker in the past.
An oracle once mentioned to me a fast moving woman with light colored hair and glasses that would be a tremendous infuence, I had been questing for such a mate for years.
 I think that one may have already come, see i seem to have this wealth of life lessons obtained from just such a person, I treasure the times we shared both good and bad, I just spent the afternoon walking, talking, having lunch and watching a movie with Meghan, we couldn't keep our hands off each other, it wasn't like nasty groping, it was loving and comforting, damn I missed her touch.
See I don't need two girls
Axle Grease likes a version of the same thing I do, just with two guys instead, she wears them like jewelery...big hairy jewelery, i just wont ever be one of them.
I have been talking to a lot of friends, I found three that like having two lovers at the same time (all women) and think it's a good idea when worked out right.
We sat around trading stories about it, the worst effect I ever had from doing that is for a time I didn't get anything done for a few days, remember I was wearing a dress for a week last August?
Some dude called me a queer not realizing that I was wearing a dress because my crotch was burned out by two amazing opposite sexians.
"Polli" people are kind of flirting with disaster all the time, I don't know how they do it, so many rules, I'm not a swinger so much.
Long term, I'm more wanting a mutual admiration society, a friend.
This friend of A.G. wants to meet me, he has been with her and wants to meet her other lovers, it,s strainge but I can relate, he wants to see who else he is kissing I bet.
To tell the truth I don't kiss AG much, body fluids are for saving for the long term mate, we are really safe, still I look forward to meeting her friend.
Sounds odd but I'm really into finding a simple path that makes everyone happy.
See where I grew up in Beerstain Texas, they were all such backward fuck-tards, the built whole institutions that championed the uniformed, bribed the feeble minded and taught bull pucky to the masses, I have spent so much time undoing all that garbage.
I know of a lot of people who cheated on spouses, got caught/left, got divorced over it, people have desires, they should be free to explore, life is short.
What I'm asking is, why not tell your spouse that you desire anothers touch? could you ask them to understand? Can you handle it your mate asked for an adventure?
Who knows? you may get some help!
If someone wanted to take me out on a date and she was already with someone, I would want her to ask her mate, right now I'm pretty sure I'm some one's punishment, I stay far out of that train wreck...when I can, could be worse.
I know a hansom fella who's girlfriend is married to a Russian man 15 years older than her, it was arranged as is the custom in that part of the world, when I talk to my friend on the street, I look at the traffic, ready to dive away if I see guns drawn, thats the real stuff!
I loved the feeling I got when she was at a cafe talking to a man she just met, and another who had been chasing her for some time as well, I walked into the room, she blew them off and they had to then watch us cuddle HAHAHA!
Why can't I ever have unconditional love with someone I want to spend long term with?My fantasy isn't set in stone, watch, your gonna see me with sombody you would never expect...or with nobody at all.
Maybe I will befriend a couple of married women who need good attention from the wheeled, clown in the box.
If I'm lucky I will be with someone I'm in love with (M.S.)but I don't hold my breath, that shit is hard.

IN other news:
My kids all fit on my tall bike!
I asked for some less dangerus employment that still works on the street and the universe dropped me a full balloon animal making kit, I have been practicing with my girl Jes Dizmal and we are makeing some headway...well I am anyway, she is still trying.
If I morph into a party clown, someone kick my ass ok?
I ran into Shay and the big NIAYH bus, he is a band guy who can carpend, we are talking about doing some gigs together, look them up, i think they will be developing into a Portland treasure like March Fourth or the Clown House.
I'm in a little cafe on 60th and Foster, the place is really nicely decorated but the counter person hates being here, she was like that last time I came in, hope she finds a better job.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

some folks write me nasty comments, they don't get published because there is no name attached.
if you are gonna diss me, better sign your name, I don't even read anything with no name.
Are you afraid I will relentlessly hunt you down?
I would imagine that would be correct, still you shouldn't waste your time troll.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Look at this....

It's Meghan S.jousting someplace and looking HOT!
She used to be easily that fierce when we made love and I think thats why I still miss her.

hell yeah, the show ROCKED last night, tinight I'm hangin near the nine muses

by Belmont

Late night at the car wash near Foster.

Adventures all around!
Last night
I parked around Angelo's on Hawthorne, it was another episode of "Wierd Portland Theatre" every few hours a new batch of Portland Wierdos aproach me and we get to explore eachothers condition.
I got a big ass soda from the 711, as I was walking out a couple of bums asked for change, I never do this but I found it in my heart to share with two drunken bums, I wouldn't do it for able- bodied bums but this fella was messed up and I had taken a cool photo of him last month from the crows nest of my tall bike.
We hung out and talked a bunch, then this couple who I always see hammered walked up, he is from here and in his 20s, she is in her 40's and is very "From France".
They started a conversation with the drunk bums, and then quickly began to attempt to back pedal out.
Soon all four were engaged in conversations that only (they) were listening to, I was standing invisable, laughing at the whole mess.
Then this kid who was sitting in his car called me over, "Wanna smoke a blunt?"
"No thanks, I really hate tobbacco, open that thing up and I'll get a pipe."
I had been watching a movie before I had company so I got my video player and sat in the car with him.
The movie was a mockumentery of two NASA exploring robots on another planet, it is RAD, I'm gonna show "Alien Planet" soon, Nathan Bennet really did a service when he got Caffeine and I both movie projectors.
After the movie we listened to some woman hating Hip Hop music on his sterio, the sounds were awsome but the lyrics were frightening, I cant imagin being a woman in a car that is playing this.
Why so much woman hate in the world? I love women...a lot, I made him play other stuff.
The bass was rattling the bejeezus out of the car, it was cool until his battery ran out and he had to call a tow truck.
A fella came by who was really animated, he is a government worker who warns me that the surveys that the government are really getting into people's personal lives way more than anyone would think, he said we should never answer phone surveys if we have anything to hide.
He was a drug dealer who was busted and let off because (he said) he was white.
I asked him how he got caught...and he told me..."Cocaine, the internet, an underaged girl, more cocaine. eeeew!
No judgment from me, I'm just a clown passing in the night, people have been telling me everything, so much personal stuff thats none of my buissness.
I fell asleep listening to Joseph Cambel stories and poetry from a cd I rented.
Lots of people have been aproaching me to do circus, I'm squeemish about it, that last show was a disaster, it became a squad of selfish, drunken pricks, why would I want to do that again?
Of course I am though, the new show is called "Clan Destiny" this time NO drunks or no talent wannabes allowed.
So far I have two woman who are hoola hoopers they are HOT!
I also have two women (from my other job) that are straight thugs...well maybe straight isn't the right word, I think they need to do some gladiator battaling for you.
Somehow the batteries in my camera have burst the little door, no more photos until I get that sorted, Nathan B. is my sort of Agent Q, he hooks me up with interesting devices I use to assault common sense or at least document everything.
Lucky I still have disks full of stuff I havn't put out yet.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hawthorne is such a crazy street to live in, I have lots of mad adventures there, last night was no different.
I had a little Iron Maiden concert in the Safeway parking lot, btcha never thought to camp in a grocery store parking lot.
I rented a concert movie and plugged my little player into a battery powered guitar amp and rocked out.
I saw Capt. Shirt and we rapped about life, the universe, and Bizzy Bawdy (maybe the hottest clown EVER).
I ran into quite a few friends and made some new ones, people that ask a lot of questions have been leaving me money, I stopped declining it, they want to feel like they are helping a good cause and it takes forever to talk them out of paying me for nothing.
Life's rewards are never very far off, they come along with the danger and make life a blast.
As you may imagin, life is happening around me way too fast to write it all down.
I shifted over to Dad mode all weekend, I got my boy riding along on my tall bike, got to kiss "Lil Ass" (on the cheek) and spent a few nights in the company of one April Danger who is recently royally screwed over by her friends.
In the end it was strangers that hooked her up with the help she needed, kind of the way it goes.
We all sat in the yard of the Feral Punk house last night and Caffeine put on Edward Scissorhands on the big screen, it was the first instalment of "Cinema Anarchista"

Here, I'm on the phone talking to Meghan S. (the saint who got me the phone)who was in Alaska.

Wanna hate a band?

Wanna hate a band?
Rent too much video, I used to like Iron Maiden and Pantera, now after all the videos I watched on my little portable player, I'm sick of em.
I did enjoy watching GWAR !

Jesh: "You can't keep treating objects like a woman man..."

I was disturbed as my friend "Jesh", invited me to coffee, see sometimes for some reason people seek me out and want to tell me all about what the train wreck thier live is, some for counseling, some because they need to not feel alone, sometimes it's because I'm just a lone clown passing in the night.
This guy said he just wants witnesses to his pain, he told me his awful story of military, losing his kids, cant find a job etc. I was so bummed after that I wanted to take a shower and wash it off.

I re-told his story to Caffeine and she said "Yer doing it to me now!"
I think to take me on a journey that dismal, I need a lot more than coffee as payment.
I think language that expresses a lot of detail into treating people as things instead of individuals is a pretty clear red flag that I would be next.
This friend is huge, blonde, handsome, friendly but also crazed and sketched out.
He acts like an under cover cop who's security has been blown, terrifically paranoid and no fun to be in a hot dog stand with.
He begs change off anyone who passes and when a woman walks by it's the perversion of a speed freak, that sucks because he is also animated, lucid, giving, and when he learns how, loving.
He invited me to coffee and it was excruciating, he noticed how I bristled when he asked people for money when I'm around, I told him that he was often refering to people like they were livestock and I'm not down with treating women like that, he said "You can't keep treating objects like a woman man..." hope he gets it together, I know it took me a long time.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

From Magnus, new Clown House -a -brewing!


You and the Clown House have become larger then life in Alberta mythology.
You seemed surprised when I mentioned something like that last Thusday.
There is tremendous support to bring the Clown House back to Alberta. I
think we can get funding to make that happen. It might take a little while,
but a little while will happen anyways so we might as well have some results
at the end.

The place was packed when I saw you! Great job! My mind wasn't on music, but
next time I'll stay to listen.

I've told a few people about the clown theme for LT. Everybody loves the
idea. I have two meetings with the City between now and the 21st. By then
I'll know if they are going to allow a street closure for the July LT, or if
we need to do it ourselves. I'll contact you again after the 21st.

Thanks for lining up another crew.

Oh, I am getting the cars that I used to block the street back! I just
figured that the City would keep them, but that is not how the system works.
I have to pay towing charges and some storage, but I'll get them back. We
could create a stage on top of one of them fairly easily with plywood if
that is of interest to you.

Take care,


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

open mic barter fair

OK it's a trade circle at Muddy Waters Coffee House this Thirsday at 4:30.
Hand made, found art, old clothes that are still cool.
Bring you stuff, display on any table of spot of
then at 6:30 it's the sign up for Muddy Waters Open Mic with Dingo Dizmal.
Singer song writers, stand up comedy, the bizzare stunts and stand up comedy.
No Pressure! Prizes! cheap beer!
Muddy Waters Coffee House 29th and Belmont.
No trading of Drugs, Guns or small children please.


Ok so sometimes I get treated nice by folks for a bit and get all comfortable and then I get slapped with the sad truth that I am still a pariah of sorts.
I was having a nice time at the Feral Punk House, trying to be helpful and useful when i was offended and left quick.

I don't want to say much about it, in fact I'm over it, just gonna give the "EX" some space.
I went to Speed Boat coffee shop and they all treated me really nice so I'm over it.
All three ladies who work there are super hot, interesting, desirable, in different ways, I was pissed off to find out they were all married...and not the kind of married that keeps a clown behind glass.
I walked in upset but after hearing George Jones singing Iggy Pop's "Lust For Life" and getting an impromptu stand up audition from Lorraine the Barista, I feel way better.
She should do stand up comedy, she's really funny.
I had a dream that I had coffee with a really hot girl who lives at the Feral Punk House, I told her about it and now we will have coffee soon.
I went to Belmont where there is a giant condo being built, it was grim.
At first it looked abandoned and I quickly set up shop with my house's ass in the wind.s
Soon people started walking by and looking at me like I was made of molded badger skat.
I picked up and went a couple of clicks down to Movie Madness Move rentals and got myself a card.
I rented two Iron Maiden concerts for two bucks!
In the early 90s I would never have thought that I could rent an Iron Maiden video and for only two bucks Amarican?
Nathan found me an hour or two later set up by Zupan's, they were cool with me parking out there but the stuff they sell is EXPENSIVE!
Nathan and I went over to Caffeine's house to get my little DVD player, we also took lots of photos and had a nice time oggling the ladies and cracking wise.

I was thinking about hypnisis, I had to hypnotize my two year old son into falling asleep the other night, my back was hurting.
I took "Hypnosis" from the same tool box that has "soothing words", "Easy hands" and of course "Sleep".
It's funny that he is two years old, his mom and I own his Freewill for now, thus we can use psyonic tools that are off limits to adults or anything with it's own freewill.
I know in times when I had the pleasure of leading men and women, I could have at any time used a combination of Charisma, Precident, Religion, and Hypnisis to get what I wanted. but who wants to lead a crew like that?
I used to in the late 90s, it sucked and it's a hell of a lot of work, I would rather have a crew that loves me and wants to be patiant and make a lot of money.
It's still really happy to have a keen hypnosis skill...for fun and self defense only.
When I'm making love, I sometimes can't help getting into the hypnisis mode.
(T.M.I. warning!!!)

When I get my hollar on, it's gonna go one to three ways:

1. Primal: Getting the beast within to come out, the one thats related to all vertabrates, all our memories combined.
Primal love is a lot of screaming, clawing and eventually some pretty bad bites.
This kind of screwery is the most common, perfect for getting intentionally pregnant, money spells, awearness spells and of course blowing your partner's sweaty, heaving mind.
2. Lustful: it's not my favorite, it robs me of chi, fun when drunk but I havn't drank in years.
Lust is the lady who's husband isn't touching her, it's unconnected and almost sex work.
3. Practical sex magic:
Both are working on the same spells, both should be reasonably intelligent, I really can't relay much about when I do this because it's always secret.
I will tell you that this kind of sex is awful to perform with "touched" , "drugged" or "light minded" partners (refer to #2) or you may hear "Tee Hee whats that shit yer wisperin in my ear? knock it off asshole hee hee" (sorry Sprout).
I hypnotize myself all the time when going through painful self surgeries or laying in broken glass.
I really want to eventually be able to pass through walls and then astral project across the country, maybe next year.

When I was a young wizard I was obsessed with telekinetic psyonic abilities, I spent hours trying to bend spoons with my mind and set fires with my steely gaze, eventually I got some matches and started a wonderful career as a vandal.
I told my friend Jade that I had to mess up Minneapolis and Dallas to get my attitude good enough to live in Portland.
And that's the story of the Rubber Chicken, Gentrification Jesus.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Caffeine Jones and Anya at the Feral Punk House

She was returning from work.

We treat each other like brother and sister thiese days, and Anya torments me with endless flitrery, I think she wants her boyfriend Ian to punch me in the eye.

OK so "house sitting" is a little odd,

-see I don't like digging in people's stuff.
I couldn't find the cat food and had to dig around, then I found it hidden in plain sight.
It was in a big square bucket on the floor of the kitchen, I didn't know cat food came in 5 gallon, square buckets.
The kids upstairs party all day and night, I'm cool with them but I don't drink so I keep to myself a little.

I'm itching to live back on the streets but it's still really nice to be near the bike fleet, watch tv, sleep in the quiet dark of a basement and be unseen for as long as I want but the outside living is huge, there are no boundries.
I loaded my bike up with fireworks last Friday and tore ass around, I ended up getting to my kids house at dark and just as the back wheel was falling off the Behemoth.
I rode that tall bike hard this week, I have been for months, now both the Behemoth and Broadzilla have lost so many spokes they WILL fold soon.

The wheel almost collapsed on friday and I was afraid that I would have a bloody, massive wreck in the dark with nobody around to clap.
So ya got a couple of 26" mountain bike, back rims w tires?

I can trade money or whatever, I'm kind of far from Meticon Bike Shop this morning.
Meticon is the bike shop that has treated me best this year, they are at Foster and Boise SE, they are still small enough to need my buissnes, theres no clique operating and the prices are fair, thing is, they have limited hours and the last few times I went down there, they were closed.

Here Seth expertly jacks up my house for the spoke fixer.

I'm in a cafe, my hair is long and in my face, I came in on a tall bike, I wasn't charged for my coffee drink and as soon as I sat down six people came to talk to me and then left, It looked sketchy, I'm not but I look it.
Y'know how I know?
Theres an off duty cop in the room with me, I recognize him because I have lived in Portland for 13 years and I got to know a lot of the cops faces when Portland was a battle zone Bush Senior called "Little Berut" I would call this guy a "homecop" he is cool, he is just deciding if I'm cool.
He lives in this neighborhood, I consider everyone suspect too so I don't blame him.
I know what he is doing because my grandfather was a homicide detective in San Antonio Texas, as a kid I used to enter restraunts from the back door, sit in the front and never be charged for anything.
He showed me how to size up the good the bad and the ugly, this cop is just looking out for his people.
OK now he knows who I am, he waved.
I would go say hi but I may smell like pot.

My goals for today are:
Give this house (and it's cat back to it's owner.
Fix some bikes, sell my IPOD, drink lots of water.
Find a gal with a bunch of hair like me that wants to roll around for a spell.
Wish me luck!

Friday, July 04, 2008

I had sex without a condom

It's ok It's still safe sex, I was masterbating.
sorry yall I couldn't find a pen to write that down.

I may be thanking my lucky stars things went the way they did, I usually do.

I'm staying at Alabama Joseph's house in SE P town, I'm guarding a cat and some plants for two families who are on vacation.
They have a cat that hates being alone, I moved in last night and enjoyed a shower and some TV, I think they thought I would sleep in the house but I actually just like being in my house, it's kind of like a kennel for me.
I did wear all thier underwear and jumped on all the beds before retiring.
I'm writing from Sound Grounds on Belmont street this morning, the music is on here but I have Jethro Tull's "To cry you a song" trumpeting so loud in my head I cant tell whats playing, the hot coffee has just made it's first rush down my gullet, too much sugar, it's sickly paradise.
It's a bitch making sense of it all, doncha think?
y'know the universe, life. everything in between etc.
I'm contemplating humanity as a whole, what a bunch of screeching apes we are hahaha!
Most monkeys are banging rocks together looking for fire, I have one rock, one coconut and a rubber chicken.
"OH MY GODDESS!" twice I got thrilled almost to falling off this flat earth; girls sang to me.At the Tin Shed, as I walked in to report for work, a woman with white dread locks and two arms full of tats started singing to me, "Dingo- Dingo _Dingo, Go Dingo Go Dingo!" It ripped through me whole body like wind in the sail of a tattered pirate ship.
The essence of what it triggers in me is the POWER OF THE MUSE, it's the needed and most expensive ingredient to my art, music, magic and passion as a whole.
It conquers depression with room to spare for me yall, I get drunk on it.
I feel like with the right partner I will be able to float through a walls and drink whole oceans.
A castle, tools, food, children who survive and the power of the muse, weave a magical tapistry.
Someone was introducing me to a Tin Shed staff member and I was still blinded and in awe of this woman's innocent encouragement.
I had never seen her before, she was sooo hot I almost fainted.
In retrospect I think it was hot outside and I had just drug my bedroom from SE PDX to NE, I was already fainting but still.
Then when I was riding to my base from the cafe a car pulled up next to me full of girls (like 25-27 yo)the one in the passengers seat had her head in folded arms and she was looking at me like I was her dream date she won in a magazine.
She was singing "Dingo I love you! Dingo we love you!".
You don't even know man, thats an eyes rolled in the back of my head, overcome by magic, spirit ego, soul power, all I want to do is succeed at whatever the two of us decide...and then get her pregnant.
I can overcome my feelings and just be happy to wave and keep rolling, it's the Portland way.
I know of lots of people that have intimate moments with strangers on the Max or in a park and never persue anything farther, like crying together or holding hands, those are two I know of off the top of my head.

Last night I met a man who was bigger than me, older, had more security than me by far and he was so scared of the world I wanted to sink a tomahawk into his head.
Oh yeah, I have a pair of haunted moccasins that I wear, they inspire me to run silently through tall grass, they tell me to take out soft targets, luckily, I'm run mostly by a primal force that A) in unawear of humanly issues and B) isn't a tool user anyway.
I have my battle ax at Nathan B.s' house for safe keeping, when I get my castle, I'll get my tools back.
I'm normally not so easy to rile up but I have known this guy for 8 years, I'm just not gonna hang out with people who get me down, angry or blow my cover with extra loud fear.
Caffeine can tell you, I can smell fear from 10 yards away at least, my reaction is usually hostile if it's coming from my ranks.
Panic is bad!
I know this may sound like I'm a homicidal maniac, I'm not, but it's just my way of staying alive in situations where cleverness is just as important as luck.
I can't imagin hiding from the Romans/Persians/Huns/nazis/CIA/ Whastever-bullies and having a small child to keep quiet...what a nightmare...that is my greatest fear and I'm so glad every time I see my son and daughter make advances twards growing big enough to fend.
They could still get taken out by a war or bus or spouse but I want them to have some tools.
I saw this lady grab her boyfriend and make him go with her, he wanted to finish his exotic coffee drink but she wanted to go shopping, she was a brat, he caved and handed me his drink, Y'know why?
Cuz she was smokin hot.
I felt bad for him and good for me... then "bad for me" because he ,(like quite a few folks) thought I was a Homebum, or should I say Housebikebum.
My wallet can't close because it's full of cash but since I live in a house bike people think I'm bumming.
I'm not gonna get a castle by writing a lot of rent checks!
I use science and magic to make my own luck, always have.
People always suggest that I go camp under the bridges where the Home Bums camp, WTF?
I'm allergic to desperate people, see, my house made of tape and foam.
It pisses me off to be talking to someone and they stop to beg off a passerby, it looks like I'm a beggar too, I hate that behavior.
I'm not going be too harsh on parasites, sorry, I will say something nice about them, ring worms are cool looking.
One guy said. "So how long do you think you will be stuck in the house bike"?
"Stuck? I love where I live", there's a nice painting of me and my bike on the wall of Muddy Waters Coffee House.
The barrista Sara did it, you should go over there and see.
The Open Mic went so damn well last night, I made some good money because the place was packed and people were drinking and eating lots of stuff.
Page the Village Idiot did his wonderful set and then played the star spangled banner while I rode a tall bike full of fireworks for the people.
I wish we had a whole summer of gigs to do together but he has to go back to the South West USA at the end of the month, you can come see him next Thursday if you want.
Some nice fella used his open mic time to propose marrage to his gal, she accepted and now they will remember old Dingo the Clown forever as the face of the day he proposed.

Tell Me thus kid don't love his daddy, I dare ya

WINDFALL and creeping around in a tenspeed with a fifth wheel

night time on NE Alberta and 24th

I'm selling 8x10s off the side of my house

At Sound Grounds one morning


.At Tiny's near Hawthorne, they sell our dog treats

Napping on Belmont and 34th

Thursday, July 03, 2008

last night

What happens when a witch finds a wart on you?
She brings you to other witches.
I was standing on a corner waiting for a gig to start, a really amazing woman called Lacy walked by, "HI Dingo!"
She looked at me puzzled, "Why are you wearing that thick black shirt in this hot weather?"
I didn't want to mention that I was chanelling Jonny Cash so I told her the other truth, that I didn't like showing the warts I have in my arms.
She made me show her, "Awwwww Dingo, that looks painful." she took me to the Apothicary on Hawthorne street where she volenteers.
Her, the herb master and another lady made me wait while they concocted a potion made of Chapparelle and Tea Tree oil.
They also got me an internal potion that I drink a few drops of 20 min before I eat.
The warts are definatly on the run, it's about time, they have been a pain in my ass for over a year, I had them much longer than that but then I didnt care.
Lacy and I talked last night, she was checking up on me, she said there is a big pagan community that would love to meet me, I'm bringing my boy to the apothicary on Monday if you want to hang out with us, it's on Hawthorne street around 32nd.
Last night was so weird, well, a bitmore crazy than normal, it rained, Hard.
I was all the way down on Dekum street NE, I had washed dishes at the Tin Shed and I had a whole day to drag my house bike up to SE.
I eventually camped outside of Muddy Waters Coffee House, right in front of the huge bilboard with a painting of me camping outside the coffee house.
Over the next few hours I watched a miriad of crazy people walk by and talk to me.
I had some conversations with a friend Joseph from Texas, then he left when a strange woman jumped into the house bike with us.
Tha lady startled my friend and he split, the ladt soon took off too.
Then it started raining...Hard, so hard my house was a giant drum head, it was deafening.
Two woman went my screaming and laughing, I realised who they were when the lightning flashed.
Then a friend came by who just got out of the mental hospital, they have her on a lot of drugs so thats why she was hanging out with a clown, in the rain at 3:30 am.
Right before sunrise, I moved house to 30th and Stark, it's a good safe spot.

thank you Meghan S

I really apreciate that my friend Meghan, she turned me on to dancing, I do it a lot and I always think of her.
I was always into some kind of dancing but nowdays I enjoy the crap out if it.