Thursday, June 19, 2008


Laundry day and all around clensing fest for the "Flying Flop house" I found a nice spot to hang out at and discovered that theres no reason in the world to eat micro wave burritos, no reason at all.
I moved it on to Wash World on Belmont street, they have internet and a clean operation.
Sticking the whole inside of my house in two washers I was able to upload photos.
When it was all done I threw most of it on the roof and it dried quick.
Then I set up camp at the Muddy Waters Coffee House building and noticed I was filthy with clean clothing.
I asked someone to let me upstairs to where six units share a shower room.
Whats with the plumbing in this town? it's freezing or hot with a hair trigger .
I spent a lot of time dinking with the knobs, I didn't use any soap really, just a few dabs where it's needed.
Drying off with polar fleece was about as absorbant as drying with a handful of rasins.
I cleaned up real nice and now I'm standing outside the venue with my amp blasting the IPOD music and the sides of my rig advertising the nights open mic.
Dollar beers!

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