Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Hey lady passion can be a curse, I have too much pa-"

I like that I have to look at a lot of maps and plan my days well.
I like that I move my home every 12 hours or so.
I like that there are so many nice folks who ask me to come visit them.
I like taking showers in strange bathrooms.
I love that my friend Joseph let me shower at his place tonight, I needed some hot water to soften up my foot skin and let a piece of glass out.
For a joke; I thought about coming out and saying "Thanks for the shower, it feels good to shave" still sporting my full beard, I wanted them to wonder what I shaved and with what did I shave it.

After the wold night on Hawthorne, I went to my favorite ex wifes house for some kid time.
I pulled in just in time for house cleaning day, I took care of the kids while the ferral punks worked on the house, we played and had a good time.
When night had fallen, I took lots of books from the free porch and rode Caffiene's jankyest bike to all the bus stops I could find leaving two books on each bench.
Once I found a bus route book from 1983 at a bus stop.
I hope someone is stoked to find the radical woman's handbook that I left on Foster and 52nd SE.
Jessie (aka Lil Ass) was also squating the ferral punk house, my heart, my eyes, my soul and my mind did backflips when beholding Caffeine and Jessie in the same yard like we all were this time last year.
My relasionship with them was a big deal at the clown house and I hadn't seen much of either of them since last summer.
I only need to hear one of the laugh for me to be happy, when I hear them both giggle...I faint.
i pulled out of the Ferral Punk house, all the children chanted "Bye Bye Daddy, see ya next time"!
They were so loud I could hear them sending me off two blocks away, kids I didn't sire were saying "bye bye daddy" to me, I must look a hundred years old to them.
Next I found a lovley spot to park under a huge tree, I did feel a bit guilty for having so much paradise, I gotta stop feeling bad for doing well.
I had been eating fatty garbage food at the punk house, being one of the only meat eaters around there I get the milk chocolate stuff and the meat pastries...yuck.
So at the new spot I aimed near a grocery store, I found the house of that fellah who has a pink bike helmet but makes out with girls.
I went to his window and introduced myself, I asked if he minded if I parked in front of his house for a spell, he was really cool about it, so was his girlfriend.
'My pals who live in a big truck came by, they reportad to me that the cops are utilizing the high gas prices to force them away from the Lauralhurst park side streets that they like to stop at, unlike me, they get kicked out of places a lot.
The cops make them move every few hours and that costs so much gas they may have to abandon the house if things get worse.
I help them out as much as I can, they are good people.
If you ever need something fixed let me know, this fella bill is a crack mechanic and a handy man, he just needs some work.
I lazed around while the sun was up, listening to my radio and eating lots of raw veggies like yams and broccoli.
For the first time since I moved outside, my hands were dirty and I needed a sink and some soap and couldn't find any, I didn't want to eat with my bare hands after using a porto-potty, I went to Muddy Waters Coffee House and they did me right.
When I got home my phone rang, it was a woman I know.
"Where are you?"
I told her where I was and where I was going, my friends like to park at 30th and Stark, she drove right over.
She and her 7 year old son had run away from home, they wanted to camp out with me.
The boy was loud as young boys are, I didn't tell her how much young kids freak me out, I just said we should move away from the quiet spot and go to a place that they wouldn't give me away at; 30th ande Stark.
I told her to drive her bus over there and soon we were both parked by the abandoned hospital, the boy and his mom went out walking and I watched tv in my bike (lol, I got a battery operated telivision from a garage sale for $4).
She put him to bed in her van and came into my bike house.
We hadn't said much to eachother until then, I said "How are you?"
She just looked at me and said, "My man will never make a house wife out of me, he has no passion."
"Hey lady passion can be a curse, I have too much pa-"
"I know" she jumped me, ripping my clothes off and at the same time handing me a string of condoms.
We cuddled, screwed, and cuddled some more, it was really fun, I don't usually like doing that with anyone I'm not in love with.
Next day I woke early and struck camp, I went to a cafe, she came by later and thanked me for a wonderful night, I like that we may never meet like that again or we may do that every week, who knows.
I really liked her back, chest, shoulders and neck.
The Muddy Waters people asked resident artist to change my billboard, now instead of my face all big there is a cartoon of me pulling my house bike YA!
Tonight is Open Mic at Muddy Waters Coffee house, if you want your big break, get here before 6 and make sure you are on the list.
Mention "Shagging in a house bike" and I'll buy you a beer.

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