Monday, November 26, 2007

I love painting in the dark with glow in the dark paints

Note to self: save almost spent Sharpie markers for the baby to do art with,
he don't care if they work well, any mark anywhere, is an accomplishment
for a baby.

I wonder if anyone ever had a bowl of Breakfast cereal, and instead of using milk,
used a cup of coffee with too much milk in it, ooops already tried it.
Maybe next time, I'll use a chocolate flavored cereal, and a Latte,
Diner style coffee and Fruity Pebbles suck ass together!

OK I just gave my kid a blue marker and his next diaper, he's decorating it well,
good motor control for a baby, I still way better at it.
My hope is that he makes some art that he finds so cool, he won't want to get poop on it.

Dogs, rats and chimps all laugh, now if they had money, they could sustain an animal comedy club.

I wrote a darn good novel, it's funny, has a good story, I'm happy with it.
The thing is, I'm not a publisher and I don't know one so my book and the Clown House picture book
are shelved for now, I'm looking for someone who can manufacture and distribute books.
If I become a known writer of books, then that would open the door for me to write really stupid books,
so far I only have a title for the third book "Lie to bears for fun and profit" it's a "how to" manual for getting
your face eaten off by wildlife.

My wedding was a pagan one, the divorce a human one.
Caffeine has gotten herself legal to do marriages for people, she did a doozy of a wedding
last year at Mt.Tabor, she's a natural.
I kind of want to get credentials to perform weddings, I could read the couple's vows that
they themselves wrote and add a complimentary speech to both of them that includes some
light shaking, slapping and me screaming "Are you frikkin crazy?"

I love painting in the dark with glow in the dark paints, that's actually the only way to do it right.
I've been adding a glow in the dark element to all my rubber chicken paintings that have a religious themes
The one I did of Martin Luther hammering a chicken to the door of the church has a window that glows in the dark.
I want the customer to find out it glows well after they have had the painting awhile, then it will
freak them out as much as my parents glowing Catholic paraphernalia freaked me out as a kid.

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xb said...

use to make/distribute the books. know comic artists and writers alike who think its a pretty good deal. for real.