Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I find myself all alone on Thanksgiving, It's cool, I think I enjoy it.
I went out to coffee and had some light conversation with my friends, went home and had some more light conversation with the downstairs people and spent most of the day alone here in Sky Tower.
I try to avoid holidays, it bugs me to have lots of anticipated rituals and forced goodwill, overeating and having to explain what the hell your doing to folks who dont know you.
The rest of the fools I live with left to points up north, Iv'e been alone all day in the house and loving it.
My thanksgiving meal was a frozen pizza, some coffee, half a box of grape nuts, a bunch of grapes and apples, water.
I have the directors cut of the movie Alexander that I just watched, it was cool.
Now I'm gonna take a soak in a tub full of epsome salt, play music loud and pray a lot.
I did have a heavy conversation on the phone with my friend in (hometown) Chorpus Christi Texas.
I'm finding out that most of my old friends have been to prison and or worse, it was amazing that he and I are alive at all, we are both traumatized by our old lives, a bit shell shocked.
It was nice to hear the zen in the voice of my friend, who like me, has seen some awful horrors and now have the sense to avoid trouble
It just kills me that the friends I had 15 years ago fell apart so bad, it was meth, I got lucky, I didn't like it when I tried it so many years ago..

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Anonymous said...

old Alberta clown house yard is being converted into a christmas tree lot