Monday, November 26, 2007


I keep intending to fix the Behemoth but Iv'e been just enjoying the heck out of riding the General Lee.
For those of you who don't know, the General Lee is one of the most well known Tall Bikes in Portland.
Built By Topher Moore for a Dukes of Hazzard skit, it's the longest lasting tall bike in the fleet, it's an amazing bike.
The general can haul a HUGE trailer full of cargo with no problemo.
Such incredible bursts of energy pulse through the damn thing, it's wonderful for doing tricks with.
I often talk about romantic encounters on this blog because it's easier to describe
that stuff than it is to describe the profound joy I get out of our bikes.
After riding that Giant Behemoth all the time, this shorter, smaller bike has turning and jumping, it's like a regular mountain bike.
It 's like those heavy rings they put on baseball bats, my legs are used to pushing that huge thing, they just whale on the littler bike.
I was floating around an intersection around Belmont and almost got plowed by two dudes on rice rockets (pointlessly fast motor bikes from Asia).
Taking a turn with the wind behind me; the two fellas swerved one way and I swerved another at split second speeds and I could feel them grinning under the helmets.
My helmet was a bandanna and overgrown hair, not much protection there.
A few blocks later I could hear them "Opening them up" on some stretch of road, they were going through all the gears and making a hell of a racket.
It reminded me of my family back home during the late 80s, that sound so many blocks away could have been any older member of my family.
As a kid, my front yard often had more than a few motorcycles in the yard.
I remember hearing my uncle or dad riding really far away but still being able to pick out the sound of each gear change.
Now it just sounds like diarrhea , BWaaaaaBwaAaaaaathtththhhthhttrrrrrrrrrrrrrBWAHrrrrrrrrrrrrBWAHHHHHRRRRrrrrr

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skidmark said...

hey Dingo, let me know if you need a house call, I'm still willing to work on your bikes.

Skid Mark