Monday, September 10, 2007

#255#Dingo's All Star Homebum Spectacular!!!!

People in the fancy places round here keep looking at the Rubber Chicken art like I'm showing them cat turds on old TV Guides.
I found a few leads in some places I would frequent so it's all good..
Woke to a couple of depressing emails, one actually threw a rock at me.
The rest of the day was heaven, I rode out first thing in search of conquest and victory.
Found old friends and made a new one or two.
Watched a few hours of old Iron Maiden videos last night. and then the great movie shot here in Portland "What the Bleep".
Taked to Will this morning, the word "Disenfranchised came up, there was talk about unplugging the whole shebang, that would be cool, I only want motivated people who pitch in and like making money doing what they love.
I made a set list for the gig on Alberta this weekend, I'm going to rehearse it and do it alone if I have to.
By alone I mean with all untrained folks I find at a bus stop or train yard.

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