Thursday, August 23, 2007

Will and Caff are solid

The yard was too full of cigarette smoke, drunks and bums to be any fun last night, I guess I gotta put a stop to it.
Most of the people who live here hid inside as the party grew louder and drunker, what a bunch of a holes.
Rocket was nice enough to rub my neck as I worked online and she drove them to an empty lot,.
The music is great, spectacular actually, but the people doing it are bums, it's sad I wish they could get it together and work for my show.
I have no reason to respect them at this point, I'm doing all the work.
Speaking of work, good thing we have a dumpster, it was raining sewage yesterday mornin.
See a guy who lived here liked collecting jars of rotting cabbage for some reason, when he left, he stupidly flushed it down the commode, now the drain contains a Brazillian pounds of foriegn debris.
So the upstairs toilette cant drain, fills with #$@^* and when someone tried to fix it, sewage rained through the floor and all over the kitchen table ruining a fresh box of donated food and forcing us to lose the kitchen table.
Will Workforf Ood and Caffeine really took one for the team by dealing with that, they are the most loyal people to the cause (and to me) that I know.
Robin's bike was borrowed by travelers and never returned, anyone have a small 24" mountain bike for the kid?

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ljacts said...

Sucks dingo I hope that when you get a newer home the toilets work a little better and the place doesn't come with drunks in the yard. Funny how people who drink too much can't see that it's as big a problem for everyone else as it is for their sorry butts. I send my hope and encouragement, Lynn