Friday, August 03, 2007


So the Hula hogs built and sold two tall bikes and thus had enough dough to get back to the Hog Farm in California. I'm really gonna miss a couple of them.
Two f them I won't miss at all, they were rude jerks, unhouse trained and ungrateful.
They are young and stupid so I didn't tear thier heads off, I just won't havet them as guests ever again.
My frinds the Dirty South Ravers (from San Antonio) made it to town yesterday and treated us to some video wildness by setting up 4 projectors and showing cool visuals all over the house.
I don't know how well they will go over at the Red and Black, the Portland Anarchist community are notoriously grouchy but that might just be the ones on Mississippi ave.I'll be with the groove.
Here are some words for the Clown House Glossary:
Pack Rat: Someone who has more than 6 pet rats and no home.
Banker: Someone who leaves an investment of festering garbage in the basment and then moves out.
Collections agent: Someone who breaks into the house to get some valuables forgotten in the pile of garbage they left in the basment.
Gadget: Peson who isn't on meth but still dissasembles all your stuff at all hours of the day and night.
Hippy who is used to using people, when they say "It's all good, expect it to be all bad.
Cereal Killer:person who eats a whole boxof your cereal at one sitting.
I was cleaning a box ogf old zines and comics when I found some development sheets for a zine we were making called Nightmare Roomate Magazine.
Above are some of the Glossary terms that went with some of the problems at the old Clown House.
See yall at the show this Sat. atr the Red and Black Cafe!


xb said...

wtf, how sad is the red & black thing? i remember them talking like 5 years ago about "maybe we should buy a building". man, if only the anarchist/activist community coulda got on the ball on that tip back then -- when real estate was about 1/3 the price of now. for reals.

i count 3 groups who have dealt with sadness now who were talking (but not acting) about that kinda thing ~5 years ago and now are suffering: you guys, r&b, back2back. (rip b2b.) i wonder how much your cranky anarchists on mississippi paid for their bldg? they may be cranky, but at least someone got on that ball. my friend got a house 2 blks from miss for about $90k 5 yrs ago, but, as they say, hindsight is 20-20.

good luck to you guys and red and black. i will be doing what i can to kick in some $.

D the C said...

I know we could own a house by now believe me, I looked into it from the gate.
I have yet to feel like we can handle owning a house.
Who wants to spend 5 years paying for a house and then end up losing it because of crew defection.
(To be honest, one of our crew left us and it's gonna save us hundreds of dollars that he would otherwise flush down some selfish toilette.)
You have to know about houses and construction so you dont go to fix a pipe and then have to chase the problem to the street.
Iv'e been ok with renting, it's good for show biz folks.
I would buy a house if the right one comes along.