Friday, August 17, 2007

street speak

Going up and down Alberta street has been taking longer than it used to.
I went last night to get a coconut popcycle and everyone on the street had
to stop me and tell me thier point of view about gentrification, they were also telling me about
great times had at the Clown House.I thank those folks who have supported us all this time.
It's sweet to hear the good stuff, the opinions, I don't care much, they have no idea what I hear all day.
Bonaroo got a good look as she hung out with me yesterday, I'm sure she caught that everyone was asking the same question all day.
"So did ya find a place yet?"and "So where are yall all going?"
answers lead to more ditto questions...
"Yer splittin up???'Why?"
When I have no answer then being asked over and over makes the not knowing worse.
It's crazy, I was digging a hole and some guy came up to me and got angry with me for not smiling and giving him a song and dance.
I told him I was working and didn't have time to get on a tall bike for him, then he told me off.
I'm so glad to move on.

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