Monday, August 27, 2007

really fun day in Portlandia

OK the de-housing has gone full tilt with the looks like "house vomit" all over the front. People come and pick through it, I charge some and not others.
I put lots of the houses stuff out there and I sent the day playing guitar as the locals combed through piles of stuff.
I also took runs with big double long trailers full of bikes and other things destined for storage with friends or distant dumpsters.
All in all it was a great day to be alive and really fun, the Grope found a big branch full of plumbs that we tied to the bike and brought home.
I like getting rid of stuff, we found the remote by smashing the couch.
It was fun to smash my bedroom furniture into little pieces while drinking morning coffee, the folks down at the cafe just looked stunned, like I was having a fit when actually I was giggling.
Nothin cuts stress like breakin stuff, the bowling ball is a basher, I made a real crime scene out of my couch with it!
We got some good leads on the housing dilemma so thats sweet and I got to hang out with my kids who are both really delightful people.
I still really miss Caffeine, we don't move in the same circles (or time zones)as much.
Rocket Montana and I went to Safeway and she got some steaks and other goodies including a giant pack of hot dogs that we have been eating on.
Ike and the food not bombs folks brought us a big box of produce for what may be the last time, I pulled out some money for gas and thanked her a lot.
I rode a lot today played music in an empty room and really appreciated my life,this city, the weather, my friends and family, it's great to be alive.

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