Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I spent a few hours dressed as a Home Bum last night.
I had plenty of stuff to wear, all I had to do was look around the yard.
The hard part was finding a bike thats under 5 feet tall.
So many folks have left that all that remains of them are the clothing too heavy or unsightly for them to wear I had enough textiles to go custom.
The Clown House, Yard Tribe scattered to the four winds leaving lots of sweet contributions, nasty trash and a smile on my face.
The exodus happens every year at this time, I was glad to see them go and I will miss most of them.
Why look like a bum?
I was hunting for the gang who robbed my friend, I didn't want them to know I was hunting them until it's too late.
I come from a place where brutality is a way of life, the bottom of Texas, thats why I'm here to escape.
This gang to me are made of pudding, when I come down on them I gotta be carful not to kill any of them.
I was a bum hiding in the shadows of Alberta street many years ago too, I remembered that last night as the bugs were bugging me.
Last time I put the costume on I was scouting a guy named Ziggy, he was playing a gig and I didn't want anyone to know I was there.I ended up being glad I did.
The other reason I dressed as a bum was because I had to get rid of lots of trash left by old roomates, failed inventions, and my bringing home things we don't need but love to look at/throw from the roof.
Last year this bike bum took my stuff without permission and busted it up really good, I had to find his squat to get it back, it was a hassle but I wasn't mad, I just made note of it.
I recently saw this fella ride by the house, I got a good enough look at him to copy his clothing, bike and style.
Last night I was him but instead of pulling stuff out of the dumpsters I was throwing stuff in.
I talked to a lot of people and have narrowed my search for the gang down to about three blocks where they live.
Maybe I'm counting on my blog being obscure enough to tell my friends whats up.
I'm better stop talking about undercover ops.

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