Thursday, August 30, 2007

go time

It's go time.
It's the afternoon, thur.a matter of hours until we have to turn over the keys to the clown house.

I have been running on coffee stress and the only good help has come from outside my family.
Realizing at the last moment that I've been carrying usless crap (un used props, pointless furnature) for nothing is demoralizing, if I had known weeks ago this wouldn't suck so hard..
I have had good help, but a few have left me to deal with all this myself and on top of that I have a terror of landlords.
Caff asked for them to get us a dumpster and she declined, we have always defended them to the media but in the end they kind of are tools.
They want us out by Sat. because another family is moving in, that means that they are gonna let someone move into a house that needs tons of work, thats lame.
They let us sit in the dark plenty and never told us what we needed to do to get our deposit back. don't want to let that go unanswered.
They want us out by Sat. Caff cant move in until Fri. thats a stress doer.
The yard was a mess because of all the moving and I found the (8) news guy taping a crime scene of debris laying in the yard.
I did him the favor of letting him tape me smashing my chest of drawers.
People think theres gonna be a show here by us, not really, we're just dealing with this dragon, the end in in sight, the tail has a spike.
It's not all bad at all, my new place is great and I was moved in quick by Jay and Toaster.
I'm having a wonderful time with my kids and with the crew as the house gets more and more empty.
Today in the Oregonian they write that our neighbors next door are glad to see us leave because of our bon fires and nudity, thats so frikkin funny, nothin is more ungodly than a nude body...well mine anyway