Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The End of the Clown House!

If she must die then we must kill her ourselves!

Come over today and hang out with us, at dusk we murder the Clown House set, stage and big props, we will be cutting down the high wire poles and assaulting the whole shebang.

Bring fun stuff if you like, buy a shirt, have some food, hang out.
I was trying to think of a way to go out with some class and the best I came up with was taking an ax and bashing all our stuff to pieces, It makes perfect sense...It's my birthday!
I imagine if enough folks turn out I will have to play some tunes and the rest of the gang will fall into a show.


jason said...

I will miss you Clown House.
The Black Scorpion
aka Lobster Boy

beth h said...

I will come over to give Dingo and the house a great big hug.
Nothing but good stuff to you and yours whever you land.
Thanks for being there all this time.

ljacts said...

Dingo, gang, I send my regrets from afar. I figured that sooner or later you'd get muscled out. Good luck safe travels, I'll be in touch, your friend Lynn