Monday, August 27, 2007

Doc at the gig the other night

Doc don't usually go to our gigs...I asked him why he went to this gig (besides that we were working with cutie pie super band Kiss Bank)he said he wanted to see for himself how we manage to mangle the fleet.

Doc builds some nice bikes, he is our resident builder, today he took a good part of the bike shop home with him and many bikes.
This dude will be outfitting us with mayhem for a long time I bet, he loves taking 5 perfectly good childrens bikes and welding them together, giving them a flash paint job and then handing it over to the nearest chaos clown.
The tear on his clown face stands for the tears he sheds when we smash one of his creations (or any other bike)into folded metal scrap.
He takes no time to get any rig back on the road he is a real champ.

1 comment:

Joe said...

it was me who dun bought that old spotted green bike off doc. runs fun! what a stud!