Friday, August 10, 2007

already rented

so the deal with the house I was looking at didn't work out so well.
We can't get into the house because it was already rented.
I was upest about it a little but the community around there was REALLY disappointed.
I was just kind of a dull, crappy feeling knowing that the farther from this house I go, the less tools, equipment, belongings I can take with me.
See if the new joint is in this hood, I can take my drawing table, desk,bed, all the paints and other electronic gadgets.
A new place far away or worse, living in a car would mean I have to ditch most of it and live out of a back pack.
Iv'e done it before but lets not make ant negative mind mantras, we will be fine.
This was just a silly set back, our new digs are soon comin and it will all be ok.

Right now I'm sitting with Ood, looking at old tapes and designing the set list for our gig in Astoria.
"No fire" is the rule at this venue. It's an outdoor gig and this is forest fire country so when the script calls for "Fire" maybe we instead should imagin the word "Nekkid".
So big challenges on the horizon but we are happy, healthy and up for it.

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