Saturday, April 28, 2007

Last Thurdsday riot! Clones vs. Clowns

There was no riot. The thing is, I suspect a slow news day.
For years I have been attending protests for causes I believe in, from anti war stuff to save the whales, many times it was only made into a big deal by cops in Darth Vader outfits rushing in and spraying people or hitting them with the pellet guns.
My own kid was threatened with pepper spray May 1st 2000, while standing in a public park, so I know what I'm talking about.

What happened was the usual crowd was swelled by a large number of frat boys (jock type, agro, college aged clones). I don't know where they came from but they were drunk, loud, and willing to do whatever stupid thing a clown asked, so we had a great time with them.
Anyone that was there would know that it was a brutal display of steel crushing into steel, incredible impacts, blood, sweat, dirt.

Earlier in the day, our Hot Dog Cart was shut down by the city for lack of all the proper paperwork (we sent in our stuff a long time ago, and thought we were cool, but this time I stupidly forgot to set up a hand washing station, and then we got slapped.) So I was free to move about the yard and do what I do...entertain the masses.
Did you know that for every two clowns you see in the yard acting crazy, there are at least two more in plain clothes, working the crowd, policing for all the stuff that gets the city angry with us? they are looking for underage drinkers, fires or anything they can point out to the clothed clowns. We pull the perps, scold them , publicly humiliate them and then eschew them in short order.
We don't drink, and we don't invite drunks, so it's a constant irritation and hassle to keep it fun without being the "Man".
After 10:45, Pinga deployed the smoke bombs, and I killed the lights and that was the signal to the crowdthat our part was over and they needed to split. A few of them stayed behind and helped me clean up the yard (the city has a habit of inspecting us the very day after Last Thursday, we have to stay on our toes.)
A fella came up and asked that we anounce a street party down the street. I didn't know anything about it, so I asked Pinga to make the announcement, but to do it in his own language, (Portugese). At first, people thought they couldn't hear him and then I saw the faces slowly understand that it was in another language.The crowd left at once and in all directions.

I had just had a traumatic time in Texas, came home unprepaired for working the Last Thursday hot dog stand, got my buissness shut down, and had just delt with a yard full of frat boys. I needed a break, a big one.
Now, remember I don't drink, so there's no beer to cry in, so I decided to just retire to the office and have as much sex I could (I'm withholding the names to protect the naughty).
For the next two hours or so, my clown roomates kept barging into my room and telling me to come see the street party, "No thanks I'm already dancing!"
I never get much privacy, so I didn't get mad or anything. I did run downstairs wearing only circus tights to make sure everything was put away a couple of times, just saw kids in the street dancing.
Later, another roommate came up to tell me the cops were in riot gear, walking down the street.
I was in a tangle of fishnet stockings, and my chest looked like a glazed dougnut. Our consensus was that erotic, sober fun beats dealing with drunks and cops, anytime.

I went out after a bit, and looked at the RIOT it looked like some kids blocking the street and stupidly keeping my neighbors up with loud disco music. Those folks that needed to be up for work on Friday called the police I'm sure, I don't blame them.
When I heard that the tiny dance party was being called a "Riot" I laughed my butt off; that wasn't a riot, it was a noise violation.
When I think of a RIOT I see charred bodies washing up on a Hatian shore, splintered shop windows and chimp like humans swinging sticks and hiding behind rocks.
How many windows got broken? How many dumpsters were set on fire? How many cars were overturned?
That's all stuff that happens at riots.
If you have ever been to Eugene,OR you would know that some of what newspapers call "riots" happen around frat boys, they are usualy centered around some kind of sports nonsense and most of the time it's just a stop sign or pay telephone that get damaged.
This was just kids in the street dancing.

So, the way I see it, the Clown House did another unrecognised community service: we tired out all the frat boys with our gladiator sports. By 11, they had gone home, tired and beat up, what was left were just regular kids in the street dancing, and the riot cops who love them.
Do cops need the word "riot" on paperwork to get more funding? I have no beef with P.P.D. just asking.

Now that this is a big news story, I'm worried: what happens if some punk gets caught with beer on our property? The city already has so many "Officials" inspecting my stuff, that I will get into trouble.
It's not like we are a bar, or anything, it'S NOT LIKE WE GET FUNDED. Last Thursday COSTS us money. I sure don't invite drunks, as much as I just have to deal with them, or at least put them on Tall bikes.
I'll get some pics to soon, Bizzy got some great ones, also I hope Will Workorf Ood writes a review of the jousting tourament soon.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


HI All!
I'm waiting for my friend John from the Oregonian to do a photo shoot with us and thought Id write a line or two.
It's Last Thursday and we are all getting bells and whistles together for one hell of a party.
Come on over around 5, it's ON!
I'm wearing elbow pads seemingly because I'm going to be doing a lot of bike stunts but really they are to hide a wart I have.
Sooooo theres a bonus to reading my know now not to wear any elbow pads that may fly off me today because you will get a wart.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007



Bam Bam drank water in San Antonio, peed a diaper over Salt
Lake, and dropped the diaper in
Lots of articles will come from the ordeal we just went through but now it's time to get back to work. first I need a vacation from my vacation.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

won;t you please? for my entry in the Public Radio Talent Quest? Yes, I'm
serious. It's a 2 minute demo audition and part of its success depends
on people listening to it and rating or commenting on it. The annoying
part is you have to register with the PRTQ in order to do either of
those things. If you love me and/or my work, you'll do it...right?
I hope so.
Julie on the Radio


Monday, April 23, 2007

I can't go because I'm in Texas but you should.

Hey, this is the St. Mary's Documentary group. We wanted to inform you that our documentary on the Clown House will premiere tomorrow, Tuesday the 24th at 7:00 at the Hollywood Theatre on Sandy. We would love for you to join us, sorry for such late notice. Thank you for letting us film you.

our friend on NPR? YAAAAAY!

Hello All,
I'm proud to announce that my work will be appearing on an upcoming
episode of "The Splendid Table," a food show distributed by American
Public Media and heard on NPR stations across the country. The piece
is a 5 minute feature about One Pot, an underground restaurant in
Seattle that appears in different locations a few times a month for
guests who are "in the know." The whole thing is the brainchild of
culinary rebel (and Portland refugee) Michael Hebberoy, who was a
guest on "DIY, Portland" in January of this year.

The show's official air date is April 27, but check your local
listings to see when "The Splendid Table" comes on in your area. Here
is a link to the show's website: It's also available as an
iTunes podcast.

"DIY, Portland" has also gotten some national recognition. A piece
Brian Kramer and I produced (with music by Jason Leonard) for the
March episode, about the Rock and Roll Camp for Girls, was picked up
by the NPR Station Showcase. You can listen to it and read a short
interview with me here:

Thank you all for your support and your ears.
Hopefully, there is much more to come!
Julie on the Radio

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I wrote this before Will walked in.

I was looking out the window at Will Workforf Ood, he is fixing the General Lee's flat tire.
Ballet is cool but it has nothing to do with tire fixing.
He's just walked off, he saw a stick on the ground, he's balancing it on his head.
OK now he has found a child and is balancing it on some debris.
Now he walked off! The bike is in the yard like a chump!
...what a wierdo.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Iv'e been up since 5 am sick, guts a churning and puking. I think a virus or some food poison, we are all sick and to make matters worse in a few hours I'm going to be on an airplane.
I have never flown sober, it was my custom to get plastered before taking flight, not out of fear of flying, I just hate sitting in one place for three hours bored.
Once I did a show in New York that paid me a $250.00 bar tab, now what the hell am I gonna do with that? I puked all over everyone as soon as the "free to move" light came on.
This time my flight will be sober but somehow still woozy and nausiated.


The other night I was trying to get a kid to sleep, all of a sudden a whole herd of firetrucks came blazing down Alberta street. In the time it took the youngster to again close eyes , another few trucks blazed by.
They were all siren blazing and horn blowin, I realized they must be dealing with something close.
They were, someone had lit a fire to the dumpster of some apartments and created 8 homeless people.
Now I'm no stranger to burning dumpsters, back in the day it was my own form of voting but sheesh man, think it all out. Fire moves up.
It 's not political, I bet its punk kids or drunk moron or, maybe it's a cover up or a red herring.
8 people who can just afford crappy apartments, now homeless, that SUCKS!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

M.L.K. and Alberta street in the 30s

Look at this photo I found of MLK and Alberta street (looking east). It used to be called "Union" and Alberta and there was a trolly. I love this town, Iv'e been all over and this is the best city of them all.
It's delivery season for our dog treat company, nothing like riding all over Portland and getting paid to do it.

Friday, April 13, 2007

went riding

I just got back from delivering our hand made dog treats. They sell pretty good in Cafes and pizzarias. Lucky for me, thats the same kind of places that get bulk Garlic, thats where my 2.5 lb jugs come from...recycling bins.
I met lots of people out on the range, from little kids pointing and screaming to a mail man who was also delivering.
I saw one of my friends at a cafe I walked up on him and pretended he was looking at dirty book sites, I won't say his name to protect his filthy identity (hint* he has hair).
I got to the part of Mississippi ave. where the whole Portland part of this story began back in 98.
The place sure is different than it was, some changes are better some worse all are relentless.
I rode by old friends house buy didn't knok on any doors.
I treat people the way I wanted to be treated so I don't drop in unless I see the people outside already. Many a time Iv'e been pulled from the shower or worse by a well meaning friend who is dropping in out of bordom.
I knock if there was a call first or if I have some kind of buissness.
On the way back i passed an old wooden porch, it had no paint, the flowers and weeds were just creeping over the bottom planks and the whole house had a flood of amber light pouring out of in in the late afternoon sun.
There were hoola hoops dangling from the poles of an unused clothes line and I think the roof my have been uneven and for a house that looked so lived in, it was empty.
I tell ya what friend...I only passed by it for an instant on my tall bike and was able to suck all that in and transport myself back in time to Texas where I was a child on just such a porch and with such conditions.
I remembered placing my tounge on such rails as a toddler, I still recall the taste of salt and dirt...yeah I dig the real thing.
On the way home I found a cool thing about tall bikes; flowers smell much louder at 8 feet and doing 10 or so M.P.H.
I had a very sensual ride.

A nice photo sent in by Beth

This is a photo of "Bohemoth" my main ride, it was Built by Toaster and the pic taken by Beth, if you want her to send you a print I bet you can mail her a few bucks and get one.
Thats the coolest thing, someone takes a photo of us and within two days we get a copy for free, then I tell you how to buy one and everyone is happy.
Will Workforf Ood is mad as hell about the usual jerks who take our photo and then sell them for hundreds without ever even pitching in to our tip jar.
As his star rises I see his photo all over the place, Iv'e seen photos of me and my children for sale in restraunts (a few I knew about or approved of) I feel like it's not fair.
Anything you do outside is open game so I really can't complain.
At some events (like the ones no open to the public) WQe play a game called "Tackle the guy with the most expensive looking equipment", it's really fun.
The newspaper guy was here today, he is doing it right and asking first, in fact he is setting up an appointment for a photo shoot.
Flikr is a killer site, look up alberta street clown house and you get a history of everything we have done in the last three years or so.
It's great but we don't have access to most of the photos.
You can see how angry he is about the latest uncouth ape here.

Feeling alone?

an end to the pain

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Shots from way back when we first got this house

waiting for pics

Skid Mark came by yesterday and installed a really cool, custom sprocket on "J2" one of our tallest and scariest bikes.
It's been out of commission for a season or two, and it's awsome that he spent some time and gave some love to the Clown House Fleet.

He got it running but wasn't about to get up on the thing, he siad he was most comfortable riding his super nice black and white double tall bike.
I put my crime suit on (thats a thick jumpsuit; great padding ) and donned a helmet and went to give her a try.
At first, I couldn't figger out a way to move the bike and climb up it, it is a tall mammajamma.
Then I realized that I wasn't being stupid enough.
To get the thing rolling fast enough to climb to the top and start riding, I had to go very fast down a hill and hurl myself through space.
It didn't help that the end of my runway was a busy street.
I got rolling fast, jumped up, along the way remembering that I hadn't tried the brakes, only inspected them, and took flight.
It was kinda scetchy, rolling about like that, the bike pitches and teeters.
If you let go of the handlebars, the bike wants to turn a hard left and then careen down.
The chain and drivetrain was sweet, it did its job, looked and acted solid, and it's gonna work out great.
The people on the street seemed to love the new bike, I don't have a camera so this pic should do.

For those of you who hang out here, J2 is the bike with the sneaker as part of it's back breaks.
He wants it painted "Ketchup and Mustard", maybe I'll wait to get its pic taken until after I paint it.
Thank you so much Skid!

I sold two paintings today

I had to say buy buy to this one "The Loch Ness Chicken" I don't know who baught it.
I also sold one of the coolest ones so far "The Angler Fish" I hope dude sends me a photo of it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Some of the Rubber Chicken set, click them to see big

Here are some of my Rubber Chicken painting set that were too small for the big show going on at the Ale House,

The top one is called Dumpsters and Dragons, Our hero comes upon four magical glyphs, to get the treasure he must touch all four rubber chicken glyphs.
Ahhh but if he fails to touch them at exactlly the same time, the floor drops into an infinite void.
(Magic glyphs glow in the dark) $65

Early morning Neanderthal Rubber chicken stalks and is stalked during a primordial dawn.
(Blog special $25)
Photos by Bizzy Bawdy

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What is this?

I find it cool what this is, and who made it.
If you get it right you will be entered in a drawing to win a drawing.
The person that made this wasn't going anywhere.

Monday, April 09, 2007

monday double shift

I saw the kid I was mad at playing hackey sack in the street with another kid.
I thought great, he has something to do besides stealing cell phones and selling drugs.
Well the guy he was doing that with skated off and left the poor dude alone again.
My heart is broken over not being able to risk my people's health and safty to save him.

I did the gig today with Pinga and Ood, along the way we met up with Capt. Insano and hit the P.C.C. campus, it was raining.
We had a hard time finding the joint because there were no people.
We played to a crowd of tens, made some friends and wewere told the check would be in the mail.
I hope they don't send the check via email.
We dropped off Rabbit who happened to trade his cut of the money for a tray of sandwiches and went home to rest.
We had to get up at dark thirty (8:30)to do this gig,we needed a rest.
We went back out because it was time to pick up my kid from school.
I went up to the door and spotted my 8 year old in dance class formation.
Her classmates took one look at me, Pinga and Will and freaked out, I hid again and waited for her to come out.
When she did, she was laughing, the other kids thought we were super creepy, we more than disrupted the class.
She thanked us for not walking in and sitting down.
I'm bartendiong tonight ( 7 to close)at the Concordia Ale House 33d and killingsworth, I'll be there tommorow night too

fun with meat

What a day, I had to deal with a pissed off kid who was trying to score drugs off my porch,I yelled at him and a guy who was an adult but for some reason was engaging a drug conversation with a child on my porch. I told the kid he had to go and felt like a real jerk for screaming like a drill seargent/judge at those people.
I got madder than I'd been in a while because Iv,e known this kid since he was in 1st grade, he never got a break, his mom is on crack, he threatens gangbangin and if someone don't give him somthing to do and somwhere to be he will.
If you think you can help this kid, talk to me,please don't waste my time telling me who to call.
By the time I saw the kid next he had convinced another adult to giver him tobbacco, I pulled it from his hands and crushed it, then gave grief to the girl who gave it to him.
That was a bummer morning but my afternoon was awsome and moved on to great...I had some fun with meat.
We have a gig in a few hours at the PCC on Killingsworth 10-12

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Photos from the net

I don't own a camra and I sure don't have time to take pichers while I'm Playin banjo or doing bike stunts. Pinga was surfin the net today and turned me on to some cool shots of us.
Jonathan from has always takes my favorites. Click the title to go where I was.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

dog cart log

I'm sitting at our hot dog cart and typing on a lap top I dumpstered.
I think this is the coolest dumpster score ever.
It was full of porn that hadn't been looked at for a few years so I guess a guy must have gotten the boot, and his ex finally threw the last of his stuff out.
Now I can make a post that takes hours to write, I can seperate segments with stuff like this *.
* Sure are a lot of gigantic trucks out today. I still have yet to see one with more than one person...yuck.
*Dog cart tools of the trade: Welding gloves. The dog cart is made of sharp, folded sheet metal and it's piping hot. Unfortunately, welding gloves are unsightly and they smell of sulfur. Another piece of equipment I need is mirror shades. Besides protecting me from our sun, the streets are full of really distractinglly hot gals. I need blinders.
*Nobody has come by yet, but I think it may be the heavy construction going on next door.
Last Summer was insane with lousy noise (I call it lousy because it's the sound of us getting classed out) :hammering, sawing and constructing morning and night. Now Pinga has a bar right outside his window.
I'm glad. It couldn't have happened to a more reactionary clown, I'm expecting great things from the angry Brazillian.
*I mentioned that this computer had a grip of porn on it. I didn't mention that it was all bad (my opinion) porn.
I wonder if the guy knew he was into big members.That's all it was, movies of helpless girls doing things to big schlongs.
I was glad to see the fella wasn't a racist.
Porn and/or Erotica: on one hand you have the religious people dissing comdoms and birth control, and at the same time burning books and denying homosexuals civil right, as well as fighting good science and all the other ape things they do. Their whole trip seems to be about creating a population explosion. Why, then don't they like porno? It sure puts me in the mood to aimlessly breed. That's what they want right? You would think a world that tolerated gay folks wouldn't have so many people and the lifestyle would be so much less "Rat racey".
I don't want to sound screwy, but it's hard to save the world when there is an institution whose goal is to spread humans into places that can't sustain them.
*People keep asking me directions. I keep giving them bad ones. At first it was just my own organic stupidity, then it turned into a game.
* More big trucks, only one driver and no cargo, it's wrong. I smile anyway because I'm not a jerk and the reply is always a sneer.
*Just met a guy from Seattle who is deciding what part of town he wants to move to. Today I've met six folks doing the same thing from California.
*Our new friend Miss Tree is doing a fine job as our first Dawg Snax employee. She has been chuggin away making treats to go to dogs all over Portland.Turns out poisoned wheat gluten from China, while bad for a lot of dogs, was a spot of luck for gluten-free Dawg Snax.
* Caffeine is making me a sign that says "Correct information $1."
*Now it's dark and lots of drunk people are about. Hope they like hot dogs, if not I'll feel like a simpleton because they are laughing at me a lot. Mostly silverhairs in clothes that cost more than my whole bike.
* A lady just pulled up, looked my sign up and down like it was a list of dead relatives, and said "Puh. Veggie dogs!" and screeched away.
* More bike customers ! PDX ROCKS!
*A bum just came up asking for handouts. That's just insulting, Caff is standing there with a screaming kiddo, pimping dogs to pay the bills in front of the jankeyest house on Alberta and he bums on her.
He should be ashamed, he is totally able bodied and young. What a lazy twit, he was lucky I was on break. I came out there after overhearing him and loudly asked, "Don't we have a pile of dogs for bums?"
* At the cart, I'm not giving it the hard sell, I'm just smiling a lot. It wouldn't be very neighborly to turn my house into the Carnival Midway.
* A guy came up and asked "Is there a place to get smokes round here?"
"Sure, one block thissaway theres a murdermart that sells smokes and fortys".
The guy is gone for a bit and then returns,
"Hey! There's nothing but houses that way"
"Who are you?"
"I'm the guy that was just here asking about a store, and you told me something about murder and tobbacco."
"Oh yeah, it's one block thataway."

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Two bike houses this week (click pic to engorge)

Just like Spring time, the travelers are starting to file through.
This week we got two men show up a day apart who live in house bikes.
One did it as his answer to divorce and the other is a career homeless dude.
Both are insane and so a bit hard to talk to and both have great, amazing rigs.
The first guy has power coming from a generator in the back.
From that I gather that he sleeps in gas fumes, I bet it's less crazymaking than dealing his spouse so goddess bless him. He kinda reminds me of the William H. Macy character from the movie "Fargo".His rig is too long to park on the street and the city trafficbots on one step behind him at all times trying to tow his rig.
The other guy has solar power and can go 90 on the hyway, he said he was coming from Mexico WOW thats cool!
He just looks at you grinning like the dust is still in his teeth.
He congradulates himself for his rentless status, and sweet rig, I don't blame him. I told him it's $15 bucks a night to park in the yard (comes with a meal) and that made him decide to pull out and find easy lodgings. He bought some hot dogs from my cart so we were all happy in the end.
One of the perks of living at the Clown House is that wonderful people from bike and circus culture come here to visit and then I get to talk sh8 about them on the Net, I love this country.
Clown Power

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The scrap guys took my bike stuff, sh8t! When I put bike parts out, i do it alittle at a time so the bike folks can get them, this time the scrap dudes got them first.
Next time I'll tell

You know how we keep a hot dog cart around to help make ends meet around
here in clown town?
Well friend, I just quit most of my dish washing job to make paintings
and run the dog cart daily. I still keep Mon. and Tue. bartending at the
Concordia Ale House.
It's a leap of faith to just quit your job and strike out on your own,
but I'm a carney as well as roustabout.
Well, On my first day of dog carting I sold three sympathy dogs to my
well wishing neighbors and a bunch of bike people.
Now, three days into it, it's very clear that my demographic is cyclists
with crashing blood sugar and bike people that are coming for my
wonderful, plague-free Dawg Snax (it's not a bad time to own gluten
free pet treat company. With all the poisonin goin on, we can't make um
fast enough).
The Clown House is better than ever after a winter of seedy bar gigs. We
are gearing up for the summer bike rodeo season.
The five of us practice day and night to look like were making it up on
the spot.
We are slated to move out at the end of August. If the dog cart holds,
we may be able to stretch it out a few months more.
We will be having a reality show by that time, and I'm wondering is our
car free thing will go over well in other countries. I hope so.
Skid Mark from the Drop Out bike club came by the other day and fixed
bikes. I gave him and automobile steering wheel and he gave it to a tall
bike he's building
Smanarchist Idol ( our never ending talent show)
has been working out to be very frikkin entertaining, as our smashed
fence will tell you we are always looking for new acts to make stars out
of and of course I'm hoping we can count on you to be judge for us.
The good the bad and the ugly should contact us for Last Thursdays, and
you better believe we gots prizes.
Speaking of prizes, I'm working on another Bikini Bike wash for our
pedal palooza event. Last year was a blast
Tonight at the bar I saw someone realize that tipping and service go well together, I'm so glad I can stop being embarassed for him/her.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

No Ifs ands or...

April Foolseve, we the five of us and about 90 partyists celebrating April fools day (near the skate park), paraded to a spot under an overpass. On the way, people came from thier homes wondering whats going on.
I told a porch full of dry outs in a rehab house that we are a parade and our car got stolen so we were chasing the bandits and gettin some parading in.
Those guys hated me, I didn't get so much as a smile from any of them.
My Tall bike (Bahemothe) is equipped with a bull horn so I raced ahead of the crowd and in the dark aproached the skate park.
A few dark shadows were skateing lazily below, I got the bul;l horn and saidf "Attention! something interesting is about to happen!".
One of them said "Yeah right" just as I rode off and the sounds of the trumpet, tuba, drums and crowd began to peep into view.

Rev. Caffeine Jones did a great job marrying the puppet king of the Fools to his mail order bride.
Caff delivered the ceremony through a bull horn (Thats A.Fool helping her out, he and his friend A.Fool made this all happen.) to a crowd that mostly spoke Russian, I don't know if they "got it" but they did all laugh at the right times.
I love to parade on tall bikes, we went back tothe venue and had a blast in the Mermaid Lagoon and too many surreal distractions to list. i MEAN IT, THIS WAS A DREAM MADE REAL.
I spotted a woman with bunny ears and tail decending a flight of stairs and without thinking,I threw my lasso at her and to my horror, missed. I tell ya I just quit most of my day job to work on the show, I won't miss again.
Later she asked to take my photo. I was happy to do it, then out of the Blue ...a nude Chef (I'm not kidding) Burst onto the scene, I have never met him before, I didn't expect it, but I was being paid to be there so it was my duty to Lasso him out too.
Turns out he was a really nice guy...for a frikkin freak.

In the end I got the woman to let me take her photo, Since it was a dream I only took a photo of her butt and the back of her head, now I'm kicking myself, se is cute.
I was glad to get the gig, work with nice folks and do it with Caffeine and the rest of my circus family. It was allso cool to meet so many russian people in one place, I didn't always know what they were saying but I got kissed a lot so it's cool.
They didn't know what to think when we did "W.U.Y.A." for those of you who don't know it's a game involving guessing items in butt cheeks.
Miss Tree was first and guessed right,(Because I told her)
And then a fella called "Cardboard Kyle" let us put a mini roman candle between his butt cheeks!
I wonder if the irony struck him that the giant firework is made with lots of paper products and that the tube full of hell itself was in fact made of cardboard.
I was also glad to get home, I tall biked home with Will Workforf Ood we had a pleasant ride through sleeping Portland between Broadway/Burnside, through the Lloyd Center and into some dark hoods with little lighting.
Friends, after that dreamy gig, my house seemed normal.
Thank you Miss Tree for lending you camera and butt.

click the title above for Will Workforf Ood's stuff.

Monday, April 02, 2007


Bizzy Bawdy,last night at the gig, she did her normal great job entertaining the masses.

Photo sent in by Erin

Sunday, April 01, 2007


If you've been following the dog food recall story in the news, you know that the recall now incudes dog treats. The problem is poison-contaminated wheat gluten. Another reason to avoid gluten!
Dawg Snax.
$5 a pound.
No Gluten.
Never had it, never will.