Monday, February 19, 2007

time line hvk

Here is the set list for the H.V.K. show we just finished, it went almost as it's written here and It will get better each year.
As always it was hard to end a show after working so hard with so many nice people but hey! we get ta do it again next year and each time the story will be honed and crafted.
It's already a fantastic show, funny, sexy, readable to a drunken crowd of jackals and roosters and with top-frikkin- notch music from Heros and Villans/ March Fourth.
(The Plot: Harold Von Killian, a ringmasterblaster from out of state comes to a town, recrutes locals to put on a show, Chaos ensues in a crisp orderly fasion, H.V.K. flees in a space suit.
It was fun to work as the leader of a bunch of "Yes man" clowns for a ringmaster who is half "Old Elvis" and Half (the lower half) "Young Elvis" but with a Slavic, booming accent and plenty of costume changes.
Anything H.V.K. said, I agreed with whole heartedly, anywhere he went, I pushed people out of his way.
One snag was when Pinga and I were in the dark, carrying a man dressed as a catapillar on stage, I walked on my chaps and busted them, that sucked.
I tried to do some Lasso tricks for the crowd but Pinga kept heckling me to do magic tricks.
if you don't understand some of the slang email me
Dante's Time Line:

6:00 Everyone must arrive at Dante's

8:00 PM: Doors Open (Carnival might begin)

9:30-10:30: Open stage; Crowd Warming (songs, fireman skit?) Clowns announce Trashcan Joe

10:30-11:15: Trashcan Joe

Transition: Clowning (guitar smash, confetti cannon)

11:15-11:45: Blood Theater (Rael Sidebottom) Punch and Judy

11:45-50: Intermission (Announced by clowns?)

12:00-12:30-45: Procession; Heroes and Villains (Scott and Adam) (last number is burlesque-y)

12:45-1:00: Clowns (WUYA?) scared off by Satan

1:00-?: Heroes and Villains

?: March Forth

Harold Von Killian's No Ring Circus and Traveling Spectacular

Open stage is to warm crowd and set the tone for the night. They want it to feel like a traditional carnival. It will be free form, without clearing permission as long as nothing is broken. Instruments for the band will be hidden behind a curtain. There should be music during downtime. (Mics will be off?) One hour of free stage, and each person's stage presence must be respected. Clowns can keep the show going. They are looking for between 5-8 clowns. Is this a place for Schmanarchist Idol?

The show will start at 10? The firehouse skit opens the show, after open stage. Clowns should meet with Trashcan Joe to discuss the punchlines to get them on and off of the stage. “Save Trashcan Joe's guitar!” Trashcan Joe will take the stage at 10:30 for a 45 minute set announced by the clowns.

Trashcan Joe performs, followed by the guitar smash and the confetti cannon. Harold does a voice over between TCJ and Blood Theater. At end of set, clowns must smoothly transition into Blood Theater (Punch and Judy, hand puppets). They want us to front like we're evil, more menacing than nice, so we can later be scared off the stage by the devil. We provide a distraction while the set is dismantled.

Rael is presenting stories of murder and death in an insane asylum. (Ulysses gets his head chopped off?) He has tabletop puppets, and marionettes on 40 foot strings for hanging off of rooftops. His stage (that pops up quickly) will be in front of the Dante's stage; he has his own lights. There can be no slick stuff on the floor because of the dancers. Watch the mess.

After Blood Theater is intermission; Buster Keaton videos will play. Clowns announce intermission using horn, video? Should there be no intermission? or a working intermission? There will be stuff to do like play games and get drunk.

After intermission, is Heroes and Villains. Scott and Adam take the stage as bumbling English Idiots with keyboards. Faux English, the talk about how much they hate Herald von Killian and his show. They run away scared when he arrives with fanfare. He is a large and commanding circus organizer from Lower Slovania.

The MC is missing, and he has to pull acts out of his ass. Is he in the audience with a poor disguise? until the procession. There is a procession with horns and drums for HVK to take the stage. Harold is in front of horns, drums, clowns, and dancers. There is a fade to a drum roll, we get quiet, then yell “Be quiet!!” We wait in the wings until there's quiet, we clunk heads and yell at each other to shut up. There is mystery and an introduction. We pull the curtain after the HVK speech according to his vocal cues.

H&V intro with a bull horn drum roll, then perform “Bike.” It turns psychedelic and the Jabberwocky is read. The clowns bring props?? Then H&V performs “White Rabbit.” “Unwinding the Wind” starts with people offstage. Two dudes, Jeff and Kyle clear the stage. The marionette dancers perform, and are carried offstage (by clowns?) Clowns are stage hands. There is no transition to Lucifer Sam (acrobalancing). The lights go out, there's a giggle and Harold speaks. The next number is “All Mine, ” and burlesque-y. Clowns carry off almost naked dancers.

[They click into a new song, we steal stage and close the curtain.]
[HVK rouses the crowd, we steal stage]
[HVK is impressed so much he comes out and wants something up his butt]
[Clowns carry HVK out? HVK says, “I want to know what is up my ass” or something to that effect.]

Clowns storm the stage in a hostile takeover (for H&V costume changes), fucking shit up like chaos clowns. WUYA.

Adam comes out as the devil. Clowns are terrified and flee. The crowd should wonder why we are so terrified of this guy. He reads from Faust.

HVK says he's sick of performers, has chained up the dancers, so there are none for the first song of H&V's second set. The second song is back to the bits (theater, dance, songs). “Reluctant Jesus” is not followed by a segue. After “Leash” the Laundry (people in sheets) is carried on (by Kyle and Jeff?) and the beds are made for the “Dream Sequence.” [This may have been cut from the show] The Galaxy Song sung by HVK. The closing number ends with “Goodnight my love...” Everyone comes out and sings during the last clockwork part (words, clockwork, words, clockwork). There is dancing and swaying, everyone harmonizes, and it goes a'capella, we keep singing.
March Fourth enter from the rear and rock the house til the roof caves in.

Everyone must be focused and determined to blow the crowd away in late January. Everyone is responsible for themselves and must memorize the full set list. They are planning on doing the exact same show the two following weekends, in Seattle (@ the Crocodile?) then Eugene. We will talk through the set for practice. They would like to make the show annual and more intense each year.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Hi Eugene

I found a great show to watch while eating breakfast cereal, the court shows!
I have a problem hearing anything when crunching on my fave food. Each time I get a moment to relax I eat cereal and milk and watch tv.
Now, The shows to watch are the ones where the people on them are already the tv court shows.
It's so damn funny to see deadbeats backpedaling with shoddy reason and blown cover screaming and ranting, i like it.
If you live in Eugene OR. you can see us this Sat night at the WOW Hall, I'm working on getting some tall bikes to make the trip with us.
CD of choice this week: Attic Ted, Hemoglobin
sleep: 5/24
Beer I'm recomending at work: Hales Cream Ale in an Imperial pint glass.
Chx status: Big {Rubber chicken} paintings up at Concordia Ale house 33d and Killingsworth, Little ones need a roost.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

ok that's cool

lONG TIME cLOWN hOUSE FRIEND nATHAN CAME OVER AND SPENT SOME grief working on our computors. They still don't work right but at least I'm on line. He brought his pup to play with our dog and we went through all the problems.
Now I'm at home writing this instead of at the Star E Rose, I'm still drinking S.E.R. coffee.
Last night I attached a pedometer on my hip before work, I walked 6 and a half miles in 10 hours and made $125 in tips not bad, 6 and a half miles tread on two 12 foot strips of tavern mat.
Of course I came home so tired and beat up I didn't even notice that my computor was down stairs.
I'm working extra so I can have Sat off to go to Eugene for our show at the Wow Hall, it's gonna be nice to see crowds who don;t know if they love or hate us yet.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The chickens are up and they look cool.

So I'm bartending this Mon and tue, at the Concordia Ale house and this weekend we are at the WOW hall in Eugene, wanna give us clowns and our bikes a ride?
The internet is still down at the C.H. but Caffeine and Will Workforf Ood are working on it (godess bless thier souls)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Update from the front lines

OK Friends, The darn power went gadzooks and surged like a mutha.
The result was that the modem that controls the Clown House's electrinic comunication banks got fried.
I'm now atthe Star E. Rose cafe on Alberta street catching up.
Looks like we have a gig in Salem and Eugene in the comming weeks, the Salem one being the Mid Valley Film Festival anfd the othe being the Harold Von Killian show at the Wow hall.
I'm sticking the Rubber Chicken paintings up at Concordia ale house (33d and Killingsworth)today, it's gonna be dope.