Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Buddha Sprout, mud champ

Buddha knew that the Mud Pit of Doom will soon become no more, as we get ready to "condition" the yard back to normal. Next fall we can hand it off in better condition than we found it and get our damage deposit back.
She tore it up on last Thursday, here she is sharing an intamate moment with a girl from the crowd whose name I won't even begin to try and spell (I hope she posts her name in the comments).
Buddha is the one winning with the stategy of getting the crap kicked out of her, shes the one on the bottom who eventually won.
She went up against 200 lb "Bump" and was creamed,
She tried again and was creamed again,She gave it a third try and was creamed.
look for more play by p[lay comming soon on

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