Monday, July 24, 2006

New rant

Gerbils are a-holes. There. I said it.
Whats up with them all fighting like red necks and stuff and all cracked out on sun flower seeds?
I have a friend who is a rat and she is so cool, I'm sure she would be ok with sharing.
Caffeine Jones just told me that her pet gerbils (when she was 14) had a fight to the death over some sun flower seeds, I bet the seeds were just the surface indication of underlying resentment and guilt brought on by ChiChi, one of the gerbil's mother.
It's always a problem with those people.
The wild ones that live where I came from live in giant networks of tunnels buried in the sand dunes of Padre Island Texas. Those guys are very cool, still wild and free. I used to hunt them as a wild child, and never catch them.
Of course, the habitat has been covered by concrete hotels by now.
I hope those hotels get rats. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Caffeine Jones said...

Ok, wow, Dingo, Sometimes I wonder what you are hearing, when I'm talking. To set the story straight:

The gerbils I had in Jr. High were namd Chi Chi and Consuela, after the SNL characters. They were sisters. They never knew their mother.
I read that sunflower seeds were addictive, so I took them away from the rodents, and THEN they fought to the death.
Chi Chi won, and she was permanently pscho afterward. She went on to devour her husband and children, and then went feral (my mother was not pleased).
I totally agree with you that rats are much cooler than gerbils, but I don't want them to end up in hotels where the staff will poison them.
I hope the hotels get gerbils.