Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Young Angus

The Boy is doing great dispite him crying in this pic.
Someone got him an AC DC shirt in expectation of his rise to rock and roll stardom.
I bet he will be a banker or a special forces comando.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Ok yesterday we had a meeting and today we had a meeting and I don't know how they ended because I had to go to work. Thats ok, I got most of it.
Twitch found out about the meeting by looking at my blog
What we are looking at is both the field show and the club show. And how to rehearse for them and exicute them in a fun and profitable, sustainable way.
Field and club gigs have seperate props,equipment and tactics so we really have to hammer that stuff out.
We need fireworks so if ya have some to trade talk to Pinga. Today someone donated a boat sail, thats really useful for making tents or banners.
We decided that Sunday would be "Circus" day when all the four shifts of the Clown House converge all day acording to when they sleep and work and pair off to work on things.
I won't tell you what we are planning because I want it to be a suprize!

The baby is starting to look more human. All indications suggest he will be a well adjusted, even tempered kid just like his sister.
I held him up lovingly gazing at him and told Caff "Hitler started out looking like this."
Caff thinks he's primative, R.P.M. thinks he is a man-slug and I just laugh.
He is smiling a lot...for human larva.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


My mom and sister are here, it's culture shock for them (being from Texas)because they haven't lived without a car before or seen a place with so much bike culture.
They just look around, deal with wierd stuff (like having to sleep in a room full of scarry circus puppets)and try to make sense of what the hell their looking at.
We went on an outing just the three of us.
For me, we went to a joke store and bought $20 worth of rubber chickens, for them, we went into Fred Mayer and shopped in a commerce environment and just to be equally off kilter, we ate lunch in a creepy restraunt in china town.
Last time my mom was here I put her on a tandem with my kid, she almost killed us all.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

The show

Circus meeting tonight!
We really have to get together and figger out what this years show will be.
I'm suggesting the theme of "inertia" to the gang, thats a lot of ramps, unbolted bikes sailing into eachother and disintegrating props in motion.
Thats the field show, we also have to figger the stage show and how to be really tight.
It's hard to get the gang all in one place to rehearse and create new stuff for fantastic shows but I have a great motivation, it's called "I'm sick of being a 36 year old dishwasher."
I did sell two paintings that are hanging up at Concorde Ale House.
That was sweet.

Friday, February 24, 2006

That was cool huh?

I'm glad we had a little gig to fill the blog while I was doing intimate, baby stuff.
Family, (both from difernt directions out of state.) and kid, dog, house mates and work all had to be sorted out at once and boy howdy, that was a challenge.
3 grand Parents and my sister spent a day after the birth of ma' boy, cleaning the Clown House from top to bottom. That was so cool, after the boy was born, Caff was out of it and I kinda was too, it;s great to have help when your crotch explodes with babyness.
I tried to relax for a day or two because I have a HUGE struggle in front of me holding up our little familia keeping the bills paid and all that junk. Dawg Snax is Caffs job, I'm sure glad we have frikkin Dawg Snax.
To the parents, my bank account must look like a collection of worn lotto tickets that I keep calling "Savings bonds".
Before grampa and grama ( They aren't old as that sounds) left the Clown House back to Washington I managed to convince them to do a song or two for my mom.
Grandpa and I both had guitars and Caffo's mom sang a few John Prine numbers and I think an old standard.
Caff kept telling us to be quiet for the baby but when a chorus would come up she couldn't help but sing along.
the next day, our housemates 2 year old trashed the place into a smoking crater, right in front of my mom and sister.
So we cleaned it up again and so far it's been holding good.
This place sure noticed the parents around, they all pretty much cleared out, I don't blame them.
My mom and sis are used to me living in places as "underground" as the Clown House but they aren't used to the idea of me having kids, they know me as the guy who once tried to change a kid's diaper by force of erosion using the water hose.
So understandably the p's kind of had no idea that I'm a professional father, working with state of the art information and guidance in the task of kid health, happiness and wellbeing.( the boys gonna have ta learn spellin from sowher el6) I have a great partner and lots of community within a 5 block radius, Ive done this for seven years 24-7.
I understood and didn't freak out on any of them.
The house is now back to normal.
The girl with the two little kids gave notice so the big room here will be opening soon.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mini Bike Winter Olympics

Here are the pics of the "Cup Cake Challenge" that I ripped from El Zoobomb photo dumpo.
Four citezens of three countrys took the challenge (including Cup Cake who was the original owner of the challenge).

Mini Bike Winter Olympics Slingshot!"

the idea of the Sling shot is simple, two people are tied together with cord, they race passed eachother and try to break the other person's back.
Danger and I keep it fair.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mini Bike Winter Olympics

The events;
Opening ceramonies
bike polo,
backward riding,
Mini bike joust,
cup cake challenge (thats stripped down, grown men riding down a steep ramp and into the frigid Wilamette river),
Bike derby.
more later.

Mini Bike Winter Olympics

All the action photos were taken by our own, Tiago, he's driven, motivated, he has Know-how and most of all, he has a camera.
This shot makes a great wallpaper, you can see all his photos from the day here.

Mini Bike Winter Olympics

It was Mini Bike Winter Olympics time in Portland!
AKA adults on souped up, hoopty, bikes designed for 8 year olds, crashing into each other and making a mess.
Here at the Clown house we were so exited. We went into the yard to get ready to leave and saw a bunch of cameras looking at us, so we Hammed it up on our little stage.
This shot was taken by my Mama who came here all the way from Texaco to see my son born.

Boy was it chilly out there, yknow if ya click on the image of us it gets bigger I'm using it as my desktop background. (RtoL) A horny gal, Hilarius the clown, a dude with a hat, Loco Susto, another dude with a hat, and sitting is Danger Dizmal. Chlorine E.Jones was busy babysittin so she didn't come to this gig.

We were off to a good start and paraded to the riverside Esplinade. The neighborhood hadn't seen us in mass in a long time, so cheers (and expletives) filled the air.

I was chosen to be a reeferee at the event.
I would like to say that I was called on to be a field judge because of my reputation of fairness and honesty but I'm pretty sure I got the job because I went up to the dude with the megaphone and grunted "iwannabeajudgecaniplease?"
I did my best, the deal was, I call the winners in the different events and Danger would peg the loser with a dodge ball.
I asked him to peg twice anyone who let the Canadian team win anything.
The Canadians tore it up ! They were brutal, it was fun.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Brat Stats

Name:Bruce Angus
Species: Homo sapiens sapiens
Initials: B.A.M.
Sister's initials: R.P.M.
misc.:He has three chins, nine or so dimples and can be found in swaddling clothing.
As of yet he has no job but plenty of promise.
Dog and other kid have met and approved him.
He has no teeth, I'm looking at great things coming from this boy in the future, like auto- locomotion and eventually language and a fine command of plumbing.

da dog

Meanwhile, back at the Stately Clown Manor Banjo the dog had no clue that there would soon be a new ape to smell, lick and protect.

a siren and blue and pink flashing lights

B.A.M. has had his first day in his new career as a hominid.
He didn't have a lot to say about it at the end but I think he may be impressed.
The madness started when Shmanarchist reporter and part time preggo, Caffeine Jones came home from the mid wives place on Ankeny street.

I guess the lady hit Caffo's "on" switch because by the time she got home, she was in LABOR.
She had been in bouts of mini labors for weeks before and so she knew it was time.
I called a cab and told them it may get messy.

The folks at Radio cab sent us a minivan being driven by a granny who had a giant brood of kids and grand kids to her credit and she sure kept her head on for us.
The ride was bumpy, Caff breathed and my sister prayed (that the place would be warm, shes from Texas) and I petted my girls shoulder.
We got to the Birth and Tire center but the midwives were stuck in traffic downtown coming back from another baby emergency. We just had to sit there and wait for them.
I think they should be legal to have a siren and blue and pink flashing lights, the siren can be the sound of a kid screaming.
Caff breathed some more, my sis sat there looking concerned and the cabby asked "Ain't chall the kids I saw in the paper that do the clown stuff? Thats really cool what you do,"
I faught the urge to kiss her full on the lips.
The midwife technitions soon popped out of the building and brought us all in( the cabby left).
We went into one of the grande birthing rooms, and it had a big bed, stacks of towels and a frikkin Jacuzzi!
I spent the first few hours helping Caff, by doing the "Kneading bread" manuver on her butt and legs, making sure to hang on to parts of her that cramp during contractions.
She was in agony.
The "middys" hovered around checking stats every so often but for the most part let us do our thing until the real fireworks started.
At that point they became Birth Ninjas working as a team, two would comfort Caff during hard times, writing stuff down and using tools and when anything big happened the third would come in, prod around, give orders and sit back down.
They did a lot of motioning and whispering to each other like witches or comandos.
Caffiene was in agony some more.
Eventually the head popped out and he hung upside down the way I used to hang out of my tree house.
Kid landed safe with all 21 digits and baby blue eyes.
He looked pissed, I would be too if someone evicted me from my womb.
But at least nobody mangled his Penis or slapped his ass like most barbarian doctors do.

Friday, February 17, 2006

tHE Eagle has Landed!

Caffo popped!
New clown "Bam" is now about four hours old and the thing is big.
Mamas ok and resting.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Big Event

People sometimes see all the stuff we build and do and say "You must be really bord or have a lot of time to come up with all this" truth is I have to make the time and it's not easy.
The other thing they say is that I must be on acid to create such fantastic art.
I lothe that stuff and I'm offended that someone would think that anyone on drugs could even do the stuff we do.
That said, I would like to present to you a photo set that I did because I really was bord.