Tuesday, January 24, 2006


most of the time when im talking to you, it's one handed, one fingered typing thats going on.
Right now, it's one handed and using the back on my other pinky finger style.
Cuz I'm always stuffing my face haw haw!

Right now it's a big chunk of Gova mint cheese and a cold storage apple.
Since the food stamps have entered our lives this month, I have a favorite dish for you.
Now dig this...
Make a bowl of breakfast cereal, any kind will do, before ya dump the milk in, throw a couple two three scoops of ice cream up init.
This is and has always been my favorite food to watch cartoons and veg out with. For such a dish you need the right music too, I suggest Bucket head or Primus.
Paradise=a bowl, a bowl,bucket head, cartoons, a dog to laugh at.
Also I like to make regular coffee into mochas by dumping a scoop of chocolate in and letting it melt, it's great!
Y'know what tastes awful on coffee?
Hamster Injury antibiotics.
Same color as creamer though so watch out.
Also bad: RubberChicken Soup

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