Friday, January 13, 2006

I.m so smart I could just crap

I walked 5 steps down the side walk and farted each time, I'm a jenius.
On a cerial note, I have talked with a few nerds and we will be having a D&D night here at the clown house soon.
Thats Dungions and Dragons by the way...or other RPGs, I think the first game will be Shadow Run, a post apocolyptic game set in the north west.
D&D sure saved my butt on school.
I would never have learned to draw, count, tell storys and smoke pot without the game.
I gotta find the right day to do it, a day (or days) that all the players have time to spend immersed in dice, coffee, graph paper and fun.
Let me know if you want in.
I am in the throws of creating a simple version of an RPG for the home school collective.
It's a detective game called "Inspector Alberta"
For the kids, it's gonna be non violent and a real brain teaser, they will help inspector Alberta solve crimes of theft and lost animals in a big mansion.


colter said...

hey bub...whats up
just checked out the blog
fun stuff

Anonymous said...

An odd side note: RPG also stands for rocket propelled grenade. There's an interesting homeschool project for you. :0