Monday, January 02, 2006

Got a letter from Lynn (our former roomy)

She took a trip via Grayhound bus from here to Georga.
We sure do miss her.

Hello to the Clowns.

Sorry I have't written as of yet. I'm not as good at keeping up on the
email thing as I would like to be, but I'm getting better. So, the trip
accross the good ol us of a was interesting and brain numbing to say the
least. If you really wan't to learn something about Americans take a bus
accross the country. Mostly it was just a really long trip. 80 some
hours of drunks and screaming kids. When I finally made it out the the
bus station that morning I found out that the roads through the Dales had
been closed down overnight and that the only way that I was going to get
out was to go through LA and then take 40 east. It made for a reaally
long run. I've never seen so many grow ups in dirty santa costumes so
near to getting in a brawl as I saw so many times as I dragged accross
this great land on the dirty dog. The only thing that's really good about
greyhound is that they are so disorganized that security is super lax.
The company is barely functional. We did have some interesting and highly
racist brushes with the law in NM. At one point immigrations offices
broarded the bus. They just asked you as you got off if you were an
american citizen. I didn't even ansewer I just nodded my cowboy hat and
stepped off. I guess that my skin was ansewer enough. There was one
mexican dude on the bus who did't have such advantages who they took away
in handcuffs. Shitty deal huh? They also came on looking for drugs one
time. Half assed efforts to say the least. Anyway I eventually met up
with my friends in atlanta. It's been really good to get to see them. We
live in a really big loft in a really shitty part of town. I'm enjoying
exploring the city. The biggest difference is that almost everyone in
this town is black whech is a change from the starched white of portland.
The city isn't a bicycle friendly place at all, but it's kind of neat in
that out there one your bike you feel special and radical. Also when you
see other bikers, there's a lot more initail comraderie just because you
are such an oddity.

We have a dog here in the loft, but I miss banjo a lot she's one of my
favorite dogs of all time. The dog that we have here got hit by a car
about a month ago, and she's still kind of laid up. The temp here is a
lot more tolerable than in Portland. I'll tell you what though, I've been
missing that motorbike. This is the perfect kind of town for it.

I've been watching the blog it sounded like things aren't going so well.
If you have a moment, I'd love to hear about your current events.

Anyway a hello and hugs go out to all esp robin and the ten nippled one.

luv Lynn


D the C said...

Well Lynn
We just payed rent on an empty room,
(total rent for us this month $750,) the crazy guy moved out (he left blood on the floor),
The effects of the city shutting us down has us screwed, I didn't realise how much the shop and gigs helped us py for this place, My new job pays very little for long, god awful hours,
we arn't sleeping much due to wierd scheduals and stress,
We are pregnant and broke,
I can't remember what fun is like at this point.
on the good side the kid and ten nips are fine, they have no idea how shitty life is for the parents who only wish to make the world a better place.
They are still well above the learning curve and happy and healthy and always good for romping.
Susto and Road kill moved is so we don't feel alone.
I'm using every bit of clown magic I can muster just to keep going, theres no turning back now, were in too deep.
Pray for us.
Sure do miss ya.

lynn said...

miss you too..... hope and prayers....lynn

liz said...

hey lynn!
miss you.