Wednesday, November 30, 2005

some news from Europe

They have been living as a self-governed community since 1971. Ruled by consensus; cars, heroin and cocaine are not allowed, but pot and hash are. Now the Danish government is trying to outlaw pot and make the town of Christiana mirror the dominant, puritanical law.
They responded with a huge clown protest: a die-in
In many years of being politiclly active in Portland, I found the only thing that looks worse than cops beating up a clown is them pepper spraying babies (they have done that).
Those are things they don't want on the front page of the local paper.
In Eugene, I saw the cops beat the hell out of a guy dressed as Jesus who was standing on the sidewalk.
Eugene cops are far too corrupt to care about newspapers.

Also from Europe, my friend Jonathan Jester (that's him at the top) has intercepted a letter from Santa Claus himself.
I've known Jonathan for years but I never knew he was friends with the bearded one.
Heres the note from St.Nick:

Santa Says, Show full header
My Dearest Cuddly Snuggly Thick Person,
You do not know me but the fact that you have read this far means you are clearly desperate for friendship.
I am hoping that you really are very very stupid because the following information is frankly extremely important and could affect every Christmas from now until eternity.
For security reasons Santa has decided that he is going to cross check everybody before they get their presents this year.
His grace St Nicholas (Santa to you) has decided that to ensure that only worthy people such as yourself get a decent present, and that all the morons (these are everybody you don't like) get a lump of coal. So we are computerising the whole system and privatising the delivery of presents.
We need to know exactly what you want for Christmas.
In order to register you as a "good" person I need your bank details. I need your pin numbers.
I need your driving licences scanned in at 30000 Dpi and I need colour photo copies of your utility bills.
I also need your passwords.
Please log in to and give me your identity.
If you already have a PSP it is important that you give us the old one so we can upgrade it.
See you on skid row sucker!
Jonathan the Jester

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ze top 10 Negative Mind Mantras by Dr. Psychobabble Baggadonuts

1. "I can't do that. "
2. "I never get stuff right. "
3. "I'm too ____ to try that."
4. "It's ____'s fault. "
5. "It would be my luck to have it screw up like that."
6. "I'm not good at ___. "
7. " Sorry, I was just raised like that."
8. "I hate ___."
9. "Nobody understands me."
10. "I suck! Somebody open my vein and grant me the sweet release of death."

Dr. Psycobabble Baggadonuts is the head of the Paranormal Research Dept. In Dairyairdale, Oregon. I asked her via email, "Yo Doc, why iz people so screwed up in the head?" She responded by ripping off the idea I ripped off from Letterman, the top ten list.
She went on to say...

Our brain cells are long and narrow, and they connect together the way roads and highways do.
Once these connections are made, they are used again & again, and we get accustomed to them, and use them out of a deer track through the forest that is followed by humans and trampled into a wide path. Then, as it gets used more & more, people lay down gravel, and then pavement, and over time it becomes a road.
Whenever we linger on a thought that stops the flow of creative thinking, we are building dead ends into the pathways in our brains.
So how do we unblock those dead ends, so we're not navagating endless mental cul-de-sacs?
1. "I'm a good person."
2. "I'm really trying."
3. "This, too, shall pass."

Good luck. And here's a little bonus tip:
Frustration and anger are very motivating. The adrenaline and cortisol released by our brains in these moments get our hearts pumping, and make us want to DO something. We are charged up like a cordless drill, ready to solve the problem. But if we use a freshly-charged drill to put a bunch of useless holes in the wall, or just play with it until the battery dies, then we have wasted the energy.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Ice age rubber chicken,hunted to extinction

My "World historical rubber chicken" set of paintings is up at Zaytoon on Alberta street, Aisha Caffeine and I spent a half hour insalling the 10 or so paintings. The whole set up looks so clean man, I got the shivers over how cool it looked. I also had a nice time getting to know my neighbor Aisha. She made up a bunch of cards like the one pictured here and had them available to the people, she is the real deal and a class act.
Zaytoons is just down the street from the clown house, it's a restraunt and a bar, I like both the menu, house paintings and the owner. They showMovies too.

Three guys came to look at the room for rent over two hours today and I liked them all. They all had the aire of having their sh8t together, they all had plenty of money, helpful attitudes and I purposely let them walk behind me on the tour to see if they would shut the door behind them, they all did.
The house thrives and is most effective when the people in it are into the hive thing, or at least having mind of others, these guys are mature (one is in his 50s) I think we got lucky.
I'm praying that the welding gas fairy come soon, I got the "Post apocalyptic bike weaponry exhibit" Dec. 7th and we are out of gas to forge implements of destruction like axes made of bike frame tubing and sprockets. Some of the stuff isn't made of bike parts but those would still take out a car... Um in a post apocalyptic environment or maybe an ice age.
Toaster and I were working on the Rock Shock,flatbed,tallbike trailer and turning it into a howitzer (that's a big gun on wheels) that shoots...Say tennis balls or whatever really fast for the exhibit.
I'm gonna be real careful about keeping all the weapons disarmed and locked down through the whole gig. If it's going badly I'll hire a bouncer to keep ME away from the weapons, just kidding...I wouldn't hire anyone capable of keeping me away from weapons.

Wish list: calking, acrylic paint, band members (for Pepto Dizmal Clownarchy) and enough bike chain for a tandem bike.

Jonny D.

If you know him, then ya know him, if ya dont then you havent yet, most folks know him.

Don't forget!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

top 5 things that I don't know why exist

#5. Gogurt: just like yogurt, but with chemicals, sugar, a high dollar ad campaign, and tons of over packaging. This junk must play well to folks with kids being raised by televisions.
#4. Pubic hair: is nature trying to evolve us underwear? My zipper is leading a heroic battle to un-evolve it.
#3. Bass guitars with more than four strings: the only person that would ever use a bass like that would be Lester Claypool. When I see people with them, they play ballads or repetitive droning songs that could be just as well played with one string.
#2. Anything made in China (or sold at Wallmart, for that matter): it's cheap, but they may as well just say "Single Use" or "Disposable" on the box. "Made in China," to me, is more of a warning than a label.
Around here, we call that stuff "China sport."
#1. Fake pockets.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Denmark next year?

still trying to figger out where to go from Portland, at least to visit. Denmark seems to have a lot of things I like going on, I just bet those people will be speaking a foreign language when we get there.
I love the idea of touring around Portland, doing guerilla shows off the backs of Tall bikes and other monsters we have created.
I'm having an art opening on Thursday. It's at a bar called Zaytoons a few blocks over. The lady who owns it is really (I mean really) cool and is letting me put up my "History of the rubber chicken" instillation. I sure hope they all sell to people who need them as much as I like the money.
I'm told by my friends to sell the art at inflated prices because it's in one of the new restraunts that moved in and because my art will be hanging in a place I couldn't afford to eat in.
I've never looked at the menu, for all I know it's plenty affordable, I just assumed that because the toilet is from this century and the building is level that I wouldn't have the cash to eat there.
I made sure that anyone can afford my work and the biggest painting (The big Bang) is getting sold by the pound.
Now I feel lower than the volume on dads porno movies for not finding the time to eat at Zaytoons.
I'm a little skiddish now days, In June I tried to be a good neighbor and have a meal in one of the new places and got sick, not just because they took a splendid fish from the sea and then further insulted it by battering it and deep frying it...Ok it was because they deep fried it.
this is my artist statement for the chicken show.
I was contemplating one of the many rubber chickens that live here
at the Clown House. I decided that they were the perfect punch line
that never really needs a joke. I also noticed that, throughout
history repeats itself like a drunken compact disk that's been
laying in
the street for a week. So, in an attempt to enlighten and entertain
masses (and get my banjo fixed...The instrument, the pooch is
fixed), I have painted many chickens.

It is my belief that everyone should be able to afford my art, so the
sticker price is the lowest possible for my time, talent, ideas, and
materials. If you can do better, lay it on me, and perhaps by this time
next year we could have a bike-powered roller coaster in the yard, or a
giant play structure made of bike frames...Or we may just use the money
for more rubber chickens.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Room open,

EWWW drama, it seems some of our roommates decided to split when we told them in a letter that we were sick of drunken fighting in the clown house.
Lynn, Caff and I told them before that we were sick of dealing with drunk jerks, this time we wrote a letter because it sucks talking to someone who has gotten stupid drunk and wont remember what you said anyway.
They chose to mail their kid back south and I guess find a new place to be drunks. It sucks that they chose booze over a community that likes them and was willing to help them out.
I can't tell if it's disloyalty or just laziness that made them decide to leave the week before rent is due instead of working it out or just quitting the booze until they get a place they can drink themselves stupid in without getting blood on our floors. Boy will that kid be pissed off when he gets older and finds out that he could have lived and gone to school in a house full of clowns.
We have the home school here at the clown house and it's so crappy to have other kids parents, or the land lord come in and see a front porch full of malt liquor cans that have holes punched in the top for quicker retardation.
Dude was fired from his band for drunken drama , so far they still seem to think everybody is against them, no accountability
So, room opening here for the end of this month.
no drunks, perps or bums. 350 a month, big windows, gigantic room, ground floor,big yard, free food delivered weekly and access to internet and heating.
anyone who has the rent and 410 deposit that mentions this blog automatically gets the room, just kidding.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

traveling dignitaries

The loveley Captain Insano just got back from visiting our friends down south in California. There is now talk of a tour next spring or summer for us and them. It would be good to get out of Portland for a bit and lose some of this exess responsability. I like only having to worry about doing a great show, the other stuff like rent and drunks should be somebody elses problem for a while.
Still it's a long time off from now.
I was glad to know thet Cyclecide had herd about our troubles here and had seen our movie of clown shorts. And Captain Insano got gifted a real nice bike.
Look at the site, it's an idea of what kind of shinnannagins we were up to when we were interupted by city government.
I still havent gotten word from the city about if we passed an insection or not, I sure wish they would have spoken to us more, our place is almost blank, it's making the trash in the nieghbors houses stick out.I havent made any new weapons latley and we still havent gotten food stamps.
Big BBQ when we do, stay tuned.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

photos have nothing to do with article

Yowza! I just got a break from kid duty, a whole mess of em went down the street to be someone else's train wreck. Earlier they had asked me "Can we do experiments in the kitchen?"I let them and now the place looks like a Tellatubby bar brawl happened.
I had a couple of hours before work (at BARAKKA) so I decided to cop a squat on the sofa and watch some trash TV. It was a gritty, over edited for time, type prison flick about reform school boys called Sleepers. It had Kevin Bacon in it so I really wanted to pay attention to who else was in the movie, being "in the know" is really helpful in my business's (being AT "the KNOW" on Alberta street is good for pinball).
After a brutal scene involving four, drunk, guards and four teen boys who were underground in a dank basement they quickly cut to commercial,
It went: four guards approaching young boys in the dark, a young man screaming as the shot pulls way back into the darkness, Chuck Norris and a liver spotted, bimbo, shilling exercise equipment showing tape of a young boy in a machine that spreads his legs open over and over with shots of a burley meathead also pumping iron and smiling.
In a rare move I turned the TV off and started talking to you.
eeeew, I feel dirty, I wish I could wash my eyeballs.
I may have a stand up drummer to do, stand up comedy with us. her companion plays music too. They brought us chocolate bon bons and told me that Rev.Phil played one of our movies last night and that it went over like gangbusters,people had a lot of laughs, thats what it's all about...kinda like food or a pleasant addiction. I gotziz big plans for the indoor show but no PEEKING till it's done.

yeah!Danger, Capt. Insano and I


my people

Sarah needs footage of the Clown House

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Geoffry has left the building

Geoffry Kingdom,the youngest (5) rock star ever to thrill crowds on our stage has left the building, street, community, city and our lives.
He and his parents (of Scarry Monster music next door to the clown house)have left the state to find greener pastures in sunny L.A.
Boy we're gonna miss that boy...and his folks too, we have seen a lot of changes in ourselves and eachother, chapters change in peoples lives and we have to deal with it.
at least with them leaving town it lowers the number of people who knew me when I was a drunken idiot.

Geoffry I wish you the best buddy, keep your parents safe and if it all goes to hell then tell them to bring you back home (to wherever we live, Alberta street is screwed). Things will never be the same but they never are, we learn and grow just like you do, so from the Clown House
BYE BYE Geoffry, Dave, Wynona! WE LOVE YOU!

The sun is out! Wow!
Last night a nice fella from Seattle came down and bought the Joust arcade game from me.
It was sad to see it go. It seems like the end of an era for the clown house. Without the bikes and the other whoHa there's no need for the game.
So they took away our bike shop and our show but dig this...I found a way to win anyway.
Since they took away my livelihood, I've been using the bike shop tools to make weapons and we are getting on food stamps hahahahaYAY city government, way to create.
We have always qualified for food stamps but never needed them since our DIY approach to survival has afforded us lots of food and money, it's all gone now so now its swords, axes and the government teat.
The weapons aren't for killing, they are for the"Museum of bike weaponry" zat sound silly?
We gotta do what we gotta do.
I just covered half the mud pit with soil from the compost, that's a great way to ensure that the plot of land will always provide food and not lawn (providing they don't build a parking lot here when we go).
I gave the tall bike Maxi Stack to one of the circus kids who was displaced from New Orleans, I'm glad it got a good home.
Phase two:
We are creating the next big indoor show so if you have talent and want in, drop me a line. I'm not looking for fire acts or juggling. I need music people and other acts, ones you don't see every day. We will do gigs all over Portland like we always do in the winter and we also will be doing lots of film and video.
The photo is from this years Chunkathalon
Rev.Phil sent me a link to some clownarchy from across the pond

Monday, November 14, 2005

Bike related craft fair WOW!

Hey folks, super friend of the Clown House Jonathan Maus is having an event around bike parts made into art and craft. I plan to bring my "Museum of bike weaponry". with the season getting colder and wetter, I'm not biking as much, the worst tall bike crashes I have ever been in were not on the jousting field or the rodeo grounds, they happened in the rain while hitting ice or wet steel, I'm ready to get cozy and warm, lets have some java and have a good time.
Heres the page about it.

here are some links, Handmade
learn stuff
Chlorines page...just cuz she's cute

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Da Dog Digest

Banjo did the recycling today. I took off and when I got home she had done the recycling...all over the floor.
We have a little trash can and a recycling center that looks like an army barracks.
I guess she chases mice with out needing to hear the command "Earn yer livin girl!" This dog works off the clock, she tore into the bins rolling cans and bottles too and fro, found stuff she liked in the metal cans and made a huge mess.
O well, I'm just glad that mice hardly ever run into commodes.

Friday, November 11, 2005

I need some good thoughts here friends

As we speak my friend "Tylerjohnfool" is hand delivering my book "A shmanarchist tale" in a meeting with a publishing outfit in New York city.
I really hope they decide it's funny enough and political enough to publish. A gig like that would be so cool because the people in the book really exist and we could tour around as the characters doing shows in book stores and hawking the novel, we would make tens of dollars.
I would use my share of the ten bucks to buy Texas shaped gold teeth and breast implants for my back(I want Caffeine to grope me when we ballroom dance).
Tylerjohnfool is a really funny guy, I hope he can keep his pants clean and not fart up the room when he is in "The big meeting".
normally when people try to sell a book they get an agent, I chose a dishwasher.
The book takes place around the end of the last century, it's a history of the Pepto Dizmal clownarchy when we lived in Eugene. We had so many funny confrontations with riot cops, traffic, squatters, the super natural. Pepto and I take a trip across the country and got lost in death valley.
It's a real cool adventure and the cool part is it really happened.
I have two other books in the works, one is about the Portland Clownarchist times and the other, takes place at the scene of the first book, just 50 ft. to the left.
When they are done you should be able to read the first book and the third at the same time and get a bigger view and more comedy.
Pray for me folks, I really need a good thing to happen in light of all the crappy stuff that's been going on.
If not we still gots lots of comix, videos, live stuff and other art to make our ten bucksiz with.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Pepper Spray is unleashed

Now that all the outside stuff is done, I went inside the Clown House and drew up another zine. My new comic Pepper Spray is done, most of the other 12 or so zines I have put out in the past have been just about the pEPTO dIZMAL CLOWNS. tHIS ZINE ISN'T ABOUT ANY ONE THING OR PERSON, IT'S JUST SILLY DRAWINGS with mild political commentary.
You can have a copy for a buck if you can find me or two bucks if I gotta mail it to ya.
B&W,well over 14 pages, collectable, autographable, fish wrappable, no sharp corners, printed with carbon based ink on carbon based paper, Not intended for use as a floatation device.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Heat

Until this morning we have been without heat. It's
ok, the kids burn hot and it's common practice to get a blanket if you are cold, thats to save money and the planet. I kind of have a hard time with turning the heat on. When it's winter and people turn the heat up, a house gets hotter than when It's summer. The vents blow dust all over and you wake up feeling ill, and worst of all the heat runs on oil OIL! my least favorate commodity.

Turning the heat on also proved to be difficult because the heater is really old. The heater guy came over today and said the entire system needed to be replaced, Caffeine also noticed that the oil tank has a leak, The oil level has dropped since last spring.
I didn't see the heater guy but I could hear him telling Caffo, "Oh this thing is from the beginning of the last century, it runs on whale blubber (I may have just made that last part up, it was dark this morning).
The plan is to use blankets as much as we can and only turn the heat on when we absoulutly have to. Also we gotta find some calking and plastic wrap for the windows.
Here is our wish list:
and use of a shop vac for the vents.
If anybody can help us out with this stuff I'll kick down some Dawg Snax and may even play you a song.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Great summer I tell ya

Solid Gold

I asked our friend and the Tall bike jousting champion of the Clown House (next to Capt. Insano) and Zoobombadero "Solid Gold", how it's going in France. He went all the way there and now can report for T.D.D.D. I got hold of him through the Zoo Bomb Forum.

Dingo: Hey Solid Gold, are you in the riots and stuff?

Solid Gold: can't talk, gotta keep filling molotov's....

no, but seriously, the rioting is kind of cool, and kind of fucked up. in france, arabs are treated like the mexicans in our country, but worse. see, they're the largest immigrant group, and mostly live in ethnic ghettos, not unlike south central LA. and to compound this, you gotta remember, most of north africa was a french colony up till the earlier 60's, when they had a bloody war for independance in algeria, sudan, etc. it was their version of vietnam, a colonial power getting slaughtered by third worlders defending their homes. so, there's still a lot of hard feelings in france towards the Arabs. plus, europe isn't used to immigrants. everyone in france, traditionally, is french. like, their family has lived there for hundreds of years, and so they aren't used to dealing with the concept of immigration, and accepting immigrants.

ok, so you've got a whole shitload of poor africans who show up in france, since their economy and country has been totally butt-fucked by french colonialism, they want jobs, and they ain't gonna find them in africa. but there aren't too many jobs here either, and there's even less jobs if you're black or brown. and the police, like police everywhere, do a fine job of oppressing the minorities with random searches and beat-downs. so, you've got a poor, oppressed people who are regularly discriminated against, and the death of these two kids just set it all off. they basically just said fuck this, it's time to fight back, let 'em know how you feel about their society by throwing a brick at it.

i totally understand this, and honestly, think it's pretty fucking cool. EXCEPT for the fact that they're not destroying state buildings, or the property of the rich elite who live in paris. like always, they're destroying their own schools, their own shops, and their own cars. what the fuck!? why is it always like that? same fucking thing with the LA riots, they destroy the place THEY live, not the mansions of the oppressors.

on the plus side, this will force the french government to begin dealing with the immigrants in a different way, hopefully trying to integrate them into society more and provide legal protections for them.

all around the world, the poor and the oppressed are gathering, getting ready to fight back against the hand that beats them. everywhere except of course, america, where the rich came up with the brilliant manipulation and pacification technique of controlling the media and especially TV. but not in the iron-fist way of Iran, but in the greed is good way of capitalism. sure, you have the freedom to express radical ideas in american media, you just have to be a multi-millionaire to do so, that's all. why do you think TV's are so fucking inexpensive in america? now, the poor vote republican, if they bother to vote at all (p.s. how many of you bother to vote?) now, blacks want to be gangstas instead of Panthers. and all the while, the rich are just chuckling as their power and cash grows larger.

Bike saftey

Drew got hit and the driver didn't bother to stop.

here is some info

Drew and his buddy gave me a key to a garage we can use for a little while. I'm going to stick all of our contraband wheels in it so if you need rims before the middle of december, let me know.
Thanks fellas.
We still need to getrid of the stage and some other props, and the Joust arcade game is outside (tarped) I need to find a way to get it inside a place where it can generate some funds, any ideas?

Monday, November 07, 2005

Morning has busted

I woke in a cave, to the sound of a gaggle of gibbons (that's a kind of monkey). Last night I slept in caffeine's room, it's in the basement and really hard to wake up because it's so dark but this morning it was really loud. The home school classroom is right next to Caffo's room and the screeching kid noise slings right over the partition into this tired clowns ears. Other parts of my body were waking me up anyway so it was no biggie (I should re-phrase that)
I had a dress on when I got up. I didn't question it as much as I questioned how this could happen when I quit drinking a year ago. I don't think I got "lucky" so I can only guess that in the night I must have been cold and put on whatever I could find in the dark.
I don't see any reason for men and woman to have separate clothing, I get no kicks from lady's garments but older lady's apparel is always colorful and ready to alter into clown clothing.
One time Caffeine insisted that I wear a pair of T backed underthongs that she had. It was so I would learn how uncomfortable they are. We had a gig that night and I wore the nasty things under my clown outfit. BOY DID THAT HURT!
It may not have been so bad if they were my size or shaped for dude plumbing. I told some yuppies what I had going on under my duds and they failed to see the humor.
I guess the sexes should have different kinds of clothing, if anybody wore anything, anytime, then the transvestites (sounds like a rock formation) wouldn't get any thrill from making the jump, I'm just guessing. When I was a youngster, my dear Mother in Beerstain Texas used to think that my mohawk hair cut and porcupine looking leather jacket was my way of looking different, she would say "You look just like those other spiky Bozos, yer attempt to be different only drew you into the fold of another convention hahahahahaha! Then she would fly on her broom stick back up to the volcano she lived in.
I wasn't trying to look different, I just felt comfortable in giant boots, colorful hair, lots of metal things and music that sounded like garbage trucks dancing on a pile of drum equipment, it was a short jump from punk rock to clowning, the clothing got worse and the music got better.
I'm up now and about to make my rounds delivering Dawg Snax, when I go around the hood nowadays I get to hear from my neighbors that they are getting the city called on them for minor infractions, the anonymous caller sure is prolific. All our oldest friends have moved away or are moving away and the culture here is almost gone. I think they are all going to St.Johns neighborhood. I should go that way next wek and call the city on anybody who's yard I don't like.
I could get a fourth job and move back to the Mississippi neighborhood, then I could call the city and complain about the big lot that the city keeps the big trucks in. Maybe they would kill themselves like they killed the Clown House. I'm not bitter folks...I just woke up in a dress.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


Three teens were caught shooting paint balls at a school. It was the front story on the news and took up a lot of time. Nobody here at the Clown House can see how they can report stuff like that with a strieght face. Paint just hoses off, I used to do worse than that on the way to school.
Stuff like this and all the air time they inevitabily flush on sports are all valuable time that they could be telling people about the government passing a bill to dig up Alaska.
I do get a kick out of the guy who got caught stealing nickers, what was he thinking?


The other guy is his nemesis and Dad "Jay" who drove to the bike fair that day.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

The fella that my friend Charlie pointed out as the dude who ratted us out to the city came in to my work at BARRAKA and told me he had run into Charlie, and he had gave him an ear full.
The guy said he had nothing to do with calling on us, and said he would never do such a thing.
I told him that my job was more on the moving forward part and the who dunnit part is for other people to deal with. I just gotta keep the roof over our heads.
He did suggest that our landlord may be to blame.
I didn't say that I did or didn't believe him, I don't care really. It did speak volumes that, when he walked in, I was busy re-heating pans of goo, and after I told him I would be out in a second, he just stood where the wait staff works and drunkenly told me his story, cussing and ignoring the tickets that kept spitting out. That shows a profound lack of concern for anybody but himself. I hope he gets over himself for his own sake. hahaha!
I did notice that his obnoxious new building is not the one covering the kids mural. That's another obnoxious building. I did bust my head open because of his construction site, but I don't get on people for stuff like that.
I leave people be, sure wish they would do the same for us.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


My neighbor Charly came over and he was hopping mad. Seems he thinks he knows who pulled off the cowardly manuver of calling the city rather than talking to us about there being too much stuff in our yard. I'm not suprized that he pointed out the developer of one of the newest and ulyest buildings on the street. The building that took up the sidewalk so bad I had a nasty crash and busted my head open on it's fencing.
This is the same guy that comes over when he is drunk and rides our bikes. I guess it's all fun and games until theres more money to be made and thrown on the pile.
I'm not mad, I just use it as a reminder to raise my kids right so they don't grow up treating people like subjects to be used and abused.
See friends, it's not my roll to be the thumper or the yeller, it's my roll to entertain the troops and keep everybody on task.
Charly will take it from here and I sure hope he is right. He was classed out of his house a couple of months ago, right before we were to start making gurilla stop walks so our kids would be safer.
He beat the system for now by getting another rental just a block away.
Now Charley and a few other renters that are really upset will be having a meeting this Tue. at 7:00 pm at a cafe called Fuel, theres a neighborhood meeting going on there and I think they will be suprized to see so many folks turn out.
His messege...W e are sick of being treated like that from folks who just swoop in, buy a big building and start changing the commuinity by cop calling on black folks and city calling on everyone else.
Just because the building is new and clean dosent mean that we wouldn't rather see the community mural that the ugly beast is covering.
What does that tell the kids who painted the mural?
Put work into a community and then watch a greedy land pimp cover all your work up and displace your parents?
We lost our shop and program but it's not all bad, we do lots of indoor stuff and thats what I have been doing. Painting, video, film, still photography, puppets, music, more music, and I'm working a lot too doing the Dawg Snax buissness and being the head line cook at BARAKKA BAR.
I'm a cook in the same building that Caffeine and I were in our first full feature movie in, it's great.
I saw the nasty letter in the Mercury this week. It said that it's our fault for being white and that we led the way in for gentrification.
She said that this was a black neighborhood and that we displaced black folks, hahahahaha We have been here for YEARS (almost 10) it was never a black hood or a white was a dangerus hood and where it wasn't it was a community.
Now some more silly crap...
Leave this page open on your computer where others can see it, they will think you are a stud.

How is this a debate?

look at the last letter, what a dope hahahah*! coff coff!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Don't forget

If you have a Jack o lantern or two on your porch. And if it's not in too bad a shape. Maybe YOU can make a killer pot of soup out of it. If you had a candle in it, then you just saved a tiny amount of cooking time.
Just scrape the inside goo out and throw it in a big pot of boiling water, add frozen veggies, soy salsa, and if you like, cinnamon and sugar. Cook until the smoke detector goes off and then ingest into your stomach. Your body automatically kicks in for the rest of the pumpkins journey through the G.I. tract. Then excrete the mixture into a bowl and flush.

I want Phil Collins to do a song about this.


it was a great summer here.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Movie review

Lord of the Rings, Return of the king,
Synopsis: short folks with hairy feet living in what I can only guess is the bronze age, deal with addiction issues and domestic, civil and national violence. Hilarity ensues when the ring is tossed into a volcano.
BOY did they mess up a lot of elephants in this movie let me tell ya.
I saw a lot of elephants hurt when I was in the big corporate circus many years ago.
So I'm really sensitive to people hurting the pachaderms.
Also the movie didn't have the special features I wanted to see such as:
All castles after the end of battles should have had thorough inspections for foundation and structural integrity.
10 thousand orcs not killed at the end will face displacement woes and will not easily integrate back into society.
Thousands of animals and monsters were killed, Middle earth I.D.A.?
Thousands of orcs, humans, elves, dwarves and other beings were killed, would it take months to find, identify and bury all these people? Will Haliburton get a no bid contract to rebuild mordor?
How about the survivors of the epic battles, I wonder if they will be suffering post traumatic stress and who will deal with the cost of analysis and treatment? I did notice that all the minority's were still white people, just differently shaped, I guess back then there were no brothas or homies or anyone who wasn't white.
I'm not complaining friends, only reporting.
The little person who was a ring addict, did he have withdrawal symptoms?
How about the Golem/ American that was treated as if it's addiction was a crime?
I love movies with swords and monsters. I really liked the monsters in this movie, especially when they were using catapults and trebuchets, the images of the crushing blows scared Caffeine almost out of her pregnant hahaha! Just kidding,
The orcs were great, they sounded like English death metal singers but walked like armor plated Maori fishermen.
I love that Iron Maiden lent Peter Jackson so many of it's members and crew to play the long haired warriors, I turned the sound off during those parts and blasted the album Powerslave.
The elf woman who decided to be mortal so she could die with the human, well she got sick as Hell soon as she became mortal and I don't remember if she died or not, regardless she was one high maintenance chick.
lessons I learned from the movie: 1. Sometimes a treasure becomes more of a pain in the ass and less of an enrichment (like the Clown House). 2. Don't conversate with people who are glowing. 3. Any time I try to watch a movie on the big couch, the dog will lay near me and by the time the movie is half over she will have shoved me off or we will have gotten into a brawl (thats why I missed the needy elf gal all cryin and stuff)..