Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Alright folks!
We found a great promotion to sell our Dog treats. (You know, only we can help ourselves out of poverty.) I just told everyone that if we dont sell enough at least to buy the next shipment of organic bean flours and free range eggs that I would be forced to shoot poor Banjo in the head.
I guess in hind sight I shouldn't have let Pepto come up with our sales slogan, "Buy Dawg Snax or Dingos gonna shoot this stupid dog in the head."
I asked Banjo and she had no comment.
But Thank you Amnisia brewery and Saltys pet shop (both on the desputed Mississippi gentrification projects) They have baught enough for us to break even and we still have plenty to make a profit with and pay some bills.
Thanks again folks, you saved the dogs life. Go in to Saltys Pet store, she has rubber pigs and ducks and a bunch of other toys I would love to play with, plus the lady who works the counter is so doggone hot, I always forget why I walked in there.


gentri jon said...

"gentrification" saves another life! alright, we dont need to open up *that* can of worms again, sorry....

does saltys sell them by the carton? i wanna buy a jug full. i guess i could come by the kl0wn haus, but it seems that anywhere thats not less than 4 minutes away takes me months to get to these days. (ah, the joy of baby-speed life.)

Anonymous said...

I bike deliver
5 bucks a pound
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